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Edited by Sébastien Charbonnier

Edited by Catherine Souplet, Abdelkarim Zaïd
Recherches en Didactiques, n° 22/décembre 2016
Enseignements et apprentissages

Recherches, n° 66/1er semestre 2017
Bricoler, inventer, recycler

Edited by Ana Dias-Chiaruttini, Cora Cohen-Azria
Théories – didactiques de la lecture et de l'écriture
Fondements d'un champ de recherche en cheminant avec Yves Reuter
Éducation et didactiques
This book brings together the contributions of eighteen researchers of national and international renown in the field of didactics.

Edited by Ecaterina Bulea Bronckart, Roxane Gagnon
Éducation et didactiques
How to train to teach French grammar in primary or secondary schools? Initial training in grammar is often discussed or criticized. At a time of major changes in the francophone academic systems and in the schools' public, it's time for reflection. This book is the collective effort of experimented trainers and researchers in order to describe...

Edited by Ana Dias-Chiaruttini, Nathalie Salagnac
Recherches en Didactiques, n°21/mai 2016
Pratiques et recherches en didactiques

Edited by François Villemonteix, Jacques Béziat, Georges-Louis Baron
Éducation et didactiques
The primary school, however stable as it may seem is also a place of innovation and creativity regarding technology and digital tools for education. This book, written by researchers, proposes a wide spectrum of facts and insights about what is currently maturing in the school, from mobile learning to computational thinking.

Edited by Liliane Boulanger, Xavier Sido

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