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Ralph Sarkonak
Claude Simon
Representing the fruits of forty years of research, the essays in this book tackle the thematic dimension of Claude Simon's works as well as individual novels with particular attention paid to their subtexts.

Serge Rolet
Qu'est-ce que la littérature russe ?
Introduction à la lecture des classiques (XIXe-XXe siècles)
An unprecedented intercultural approach to russian literature is presented here in the most accessible way possible.

Edited by Camille Fallen, Bénédicte Gorillot, Élisabeth Rigal
Revue des Sciences Humaines, n°332/octobre-décembre 2018
Avec Michel Deguy. Poétique & Philosophie

Edited by Yves Baudelle, Anne Wattel
Roman 20-50, n°65/juin 2018
Robert Merle, L'Île, Malevil et Les Hommes protégés

Louis MacNeice
Les Cordes sonnent faux
Autobiographie inachevée
Throughout his career, MacNeice's own life was central to his writing. With The Strings Are False, written at the age of 33, nel mezo del cammin of his life, one year after the publication of his memorable Autumn Journal, his autobiographical penchant is clearly asserted.

Edited by Bernard Alluin
nord', n°71/Juin 2018
Femmes écrivains (France du Nord et Belgique)

Edited by Marie-Madeleine Castellani

Anne Wattel
Robert Merle
Écrivain singulier du propre de l'homme
Robert Merle is an enigma. Here is a widely popular writer who won the Prix Goncourt with his first novel, Week-end at Zuydcoote, whose books – which have never gone out of print and are still being translated and adapted for the theatre or the screen – were reviewed in literary columns for more than half a century; but who failed to be recognized

Edited by Sylvie Patron
Introduction à la narratologie postclassique
Les nouvelles directions de la recherche sur le récit
The Introduction to postclassical narratology directed by Sylvie Patron aims at presenting to the French audience, beyond the close circle of specialists, the main directions of research on narrative, since the advent of what is usually called, in particular in the Anglo-Saxon research world, "postclassical narratology".

Pascal Dusapin, Maxime McKinley
Imaginer la composition musicale
Correspondance et entretiens (2010-2016)
From 2010 to 2016, Pascal Dusapin discussed his music through a written correspondance and two interviews with Maxime McKinley.

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