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Marie Cegarra-Cauli
Métiers et pratiques de formation
While help to developping countries remains obscure in most minds and thus a large misunderstanding of the goals and mechanisms of international cooperation reached a wide public, the book digs concretly all the way to the heart of a french language project intended for the training of health professionals and to the spreading of numerical ...

Edited by Rémi Casanova, Françoise-Marie Noguès
Métiers et pratiques de formation
This is a real origami that the authors fold through different ages, subjects and persons. What should we retain? That scapegoat is an unavoidable, timeless and worldwide process.

Edited by Marc Deleplace, Daniel Bouthier, Pierre Villepreux
Éducation et didactiques

Edited by Joaquim Dolz, Roxane Gagnon
Éducation et didactiques
An efficient teaching of written skills relies on teacher training. What place and what treatment are made of the development of written skills in teacher training courses ? This book offers an analysis of teacher training practises regarding written skills and presents conceptual and practical tools.

Edited by Denise Orange Ravachol, Abdelkarim Zaid
Recherches en Didactiques, n°25/mai 2018
Didactiques et contextes culturels

Edited by Anne Jorro
Les gestes professionnels comme arts de faire
Éducation, formation, médiation culturelle
Métiers et pratiques de formation

Alain Mouchet
Éducation et didactiques

Edited by Christophe Niewiadomski, Patricia Champy-Remoussenard
Métiers et pratiques de formation
The aim of this collective book is to know and understand how educational work is today perceived, lived, questioned and analyzed, both from a methodological and a conceptual point of view.

Anne-Marie Jovenet
Des silences sur soi aux dires des sentiments
Comment faire avec soi-même
Studying silence at different stages of life and the conditions under which people can finally be brough to express their feelings : that is the ambition of this book.

Edited by Catherine Souplet, Abdelkarim Zaïd
Recherches en Didactiques, n° 22/décembre 2016
Enseignements et apprentissages

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