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Edited by Frédérique Brisset, Audrey Coussy, Ronald Jenn, Julie Loison-Charles
Du jeu dans la langue
Traduire le jeu de mots
Translating can be playful, but can playful be translated? For translation experts, wordplay is the utmost challenge, whether it be a play on and with words (anagram, antanaclasis, pun, spoonerism, paronomasia...), a language play (portmanteau word, parodic subversion) or even a wordplay due to a language accident. This book provides a panorama...

Michel Ballard
Antiquité et traduction
De l'Égypte ancienne à Jérôme
Translation is everywhere today and is essential to allow people and cultures to communicate. Yet, this activity goes back thousands of years and it has not always assumed the same form, nor have the stakes always been the same. The history of translation, which is part and parcel of the discipline called "translation studies", makes it possible to

Lucile Davier
Despite the fact that translation plays a key role in news agencies' reporting of multilingual news, it has long been overlooked or simply ignored. This may be explained not only by journalists’ conceptions of the nature of translation, but also by the lack of contact between translation studies and communication studies.

Rudy Loock
The use of electronic corpora (or linguistic data banks) in translation and translation studies is more and more widespread.

Georges Mounin

Edited by Christian Berner, Tatiana Milliaressi
Philosophie & linguistique

Edited by Jean-Marc Lavaur, Adriana Şerban
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons

Edited by Tatiana Milliaressi
Philosophie & linguistique

Michel Ballard
De Cicéron à Benjamin
Traducteurs, traductions, réflexions
Étude de la traduction

Jacques Charles Lemaire
La traduction en moyen français de la lettre anticuriale
De curialium miseriis epistola d'Æneas Silvius Piccolomini
Documents et témoignages

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