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· Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
· Le regard sociologique

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Edited by Alain Cambier
Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède

Edited by Lise Demailly, Nadia Garnoussi
Aller mieux
Approches sociologiques
Le regard sociologique

Edited by Bertrand Bocquet
La fièvre de l'évaluation
Quels symptômes ? Quels traitements ?
Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
The evaluation pervades all fields of life. "The Fever of Evaluation" discusses the practices of evaluation in very different areas of activity and addresses also the evaluation of wealth in its economic and social dimensions.

Edited by Isabelle Chambost, Marc Lenglet, Yamina Tadjeddine
La fabrique de la finance
Pour une approche interdisciplinaire
Capitalismes - éthique - institutions n°11
This book analyses the economic, social and political unity of financial activities. Building on a variety of social sciences, it sheds light on fifteen years of interdisciplinary research conducted by members of the Social Studies of Finance Association.

Edited by Rachid Bouchareb, Martin Thibault
Le regard sociologique

Edited by Maryse Bresson, Fabrice Colomb, Jean-François Gaspar
Le regard sociologique
Does the territorialisation, by moving the national public policies towards the local scale, allow to overtake the limits of social policies and to rethink the way "to live together"?

Edited by José-Angel Calderón, Valérie Cohen
Qu'est-ce que résister ?
Usages et enjeux d'une catégorie d'analyse sociologique
Le regard sociologique

Edited by Sylvie Fol, Yoan Miot, Cécile Vignal
Le regard sociologique

Edited by Marion Carrel, Paul Cary, Jean-Michel Wachsberger
Le regard sociologique

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