Collection : Le regard sociologique

Series supervised by Vincent Caradec and Danilo Martucelli.

"Le regard sociologique" presents individual and collective studies which aim at understanding and explaining the impact of society on human representations and behaviors. The fields of study broached in this series are various (work environment, family, media, institutions, networks, the city, cultures...) but all works share in common a transparent and rigorous methodological approach.

• ISSN : 17649587
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Yuniya Kawamura
Mode, genre et masculinité, du Bronx à la marchandisation
Le regard sociologique
This is the translation of the first academic study of sneakers and the subculture that surrounds them. Since the 1980s, American sneaker enthusiasts have created a distinctive identity for themselves. How have sneakers come to gain this status and what makes them fashionable? In what ways are sneaker subcultures bound up with gender identity and..

Edited by Ivan Sainsaulieu, Emmanuelle Barozet, Régis Cortesero, David Mélo
Où est passée la justice sociale ?
De l'égalité aux tâtonnements
Le regard sociologique
Where is gone social justice? As inequalities are growing everywhere in the world, this is a key question. This book undertakes to answer it, using survey and qualitative data in France and in "hot" points on the globe. Starting from ordinary actors, social movements, concrete contexts, he draws the kaleidoscope of the current trials, ...

Julie Landour
Sociologie des Mompreneurs
Entreprendre pour concilier travail et famille ?
Le regard sociologique
Is self-employment the best way to balance work and family life ?. This argument has been widely used to promote business creation among women. This research aims at debunking this myth through the Mompreneurs' case.

Edited by Barbara Rist, Sylvie Rouxel
Tous autonomes !
Injonction des politiques sociales ou fabrication collective
Le regard sociologique
This book aims at reconsidering the coupling between autonomy, an undisputed ideal of modern individualistic societies, and dependency, as seen as its negative opposite.

Edited by Paul Cary, Armelle Giglio, Ana Melo
Affronter le manque d'eau dans une métropole
Le cas de Recife – Brésil
Le regard sociologique
São Paulo, San Francisco, Rome ... Northern or Southern Metropolises have to deal more frequently with the lack of water. The 4 million inhabitants of Recife, Brazil, have been facing failures of the public network for several decades: tap water is often lacking and its quality is not assured. Residents have organized themselves in order to cope...

Edited by Valérie Sacriste
Nos vies, nos objets
Enquêtes sur la vie quotidienne
Le regard sociologique
Why do you use this object this way ? Why are there objects that truly belong to us and others that don't ; What do we do with them ? When, where, with or against who, why and what for ? That set of questions sums up this book : the study of our inner and proper relationship to objects in daily life.

Rémi Deslyper
Les élèves des écoles de « musiques actuelles »
La transformation d'une pratique musicale
Le regard sociologique

Edited by Eric Marlière, Carine Guérandel
Le regard sociologique
Political speeches and the media are full of clichés and stereotypes about young people from poor suburban neighborhood. Contrary to those unsubtle constructions, this book focuses on girls and boys sociability in order to restore their day-to-day complex reality.

Edited by Lise Demailly, Nadia Garnoussi
Aller mieux
Approches sociologiques
Le regard sociologique
This book explores the representations and practices aiming at "doing better", in the context of health, and more specifically mental health. Contributors focus on dynamics, actors, practical resources, and experience of heal-ing, recovery, ways and means to get through.

Edited by Rachid Bouchareb, Martin Thibault
Le regard sociologique

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