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Réjane Hamus-Vallée
Peindre pour le cinéma
Une histoire du Matte Painting
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Present since the beginnings of the cinema, Matte Painting is a special effect which can be found in thousands of fake shots with an illusion so perfect that viewers are largely unaware of it. Consisting in combining in the same wide shot a real set and its continuation in the form of a painting, whether realized with brushes on glass or ...

John Boyd, Brian Friel
The plays gathered here are the works of two famous northern Irish dramatists who experienced the ever-present Civil War that they stage with faith and talent. The spirit that enimates Boyd and Friel is the same, the places are different…

Alain Buisine

Vincent Bouchard
Pour un cinéma léger et synchrone !
Invention d'un dispositif à l'Office national du film, à Montréal
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons

Edited by Claude Forest, Patricia Caillé
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons

Alain Buisine
Le premier tableau
La légende de St François d'Assise et ses peintres

Edited by Claude Forest
Produire des films
Afriques et Moyen Orient
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
In countries with an enormous film supply coming essentially from other continents, but with its own (albeit irregular and sometimes non-existent) film production, what have been the dominant modes of production? What has been the impact of the digital revolution on the modes of production? What are the economic, industrial and social issues raised

Claude Forest
Quel film voir ?
Pour une socioéconomie de la demande de cinéma
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons

David Vandiedonck
Qu'est-ce qui fait tourner le disque classique ?
Logiques éditoriales et place des interprètes
Information - Communication

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