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Dominique Soulès
Antoine Volodine relates with both a narrative power and a singular relationship to history which are no longer a mystery. However, his language - which has never been extensively studied - is little known.

Edited by Makiko Andro-Ueda, Toshio Takemoto, Jessica Wilker
Over the past two decades, scholars have become increasingly interested in the relationship between short forms of Eastern poetry, with the haiku as its most common expression, and Western poets influenced by the tradition of moment poems. Short poems are often compared with photographs or lightning flashes as they usually focus on the evocation of

Edited by Dominique Viart

Daniel Argelès
Klaus Schlesinger ou l'écriture de l'histoire
Berlin et l'Allemagne, 1937-2001
Mondes germaniques
Germany's turbulent 20th-century history deeply shaped the life and work of Berlin writer Klaus Schlesinger (1937-2001). This critical East-German author who emigrated to West-Berlin in the 1980's and lived in Berlin’s subcultures on both sides of the Wall, eludes narrow classifications through his trajectory and the dozen short stories or novels..

Tadeusz Lubelski
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
A Broad narrative of Polish cinema from its origins to the present day, "Histoire du cinéma polonais" follows a traditional chronological pattern in its account of Polish historico-cinematography, from the first screenings put together in theatres on the Polish territory in 1896 up till the movies realized in 2013...

Annabelle Marie, Jean-Louis Cornille
Pas d'animaux
De la bête en littérature-monde
Western stories being gradually drained of animal presence, one can wonder whether this presence has nowadays been confined to African and Creole tales only ? The animal tales of Patrick Chamoiseau, Patrice Nganang and Ananda Devi, however, seem to favor the presence of less exotic animals, such as the dog, as a figure of the subaltern.

Jutta Fortin
The spectre of the "dead mother", one that is physically present but emotionally absent, haunts Camille Laurens's literary work.

Alain Deremetz
Le miroir des muses
Poétiques de la réflexivité à Rome
Based on the confluence of contemporary semiotic theory and a much older literary field, this book contributes to the study of the specific means of self-reference in Latin poetry

Edited by Laurent Déom, Jérémy Lambert
Roman 20-50 n°62/décembre 2016
Henry Bauchau : La Déchirure, Le Régiment noir et L'Enfant rieur

Florence Gravas
La part du spectateur
Essai de philosophie à propos du cinéma
Esthétique et sciences des arts
What kind of experience do we go through when « we watch a movie » ? Though this standard phrase doesn't take into account the complexity of spectator's seeing/hearing, it nevertheless underlines a kind of equivocity about what we « watch », as well as what is actually at stake.

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