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Alya Aglan, Johann Chapoutot, Jean-Michel Guieu
L'heure des choix
Volume 9
Histoire franco-allemande Volume 9
The comparative history of France and Germany during the tragic hours of Nazism and World War II makes it possible to understand the challenges of civilization put to the test in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.

Thomas Maissen
Histoire et civilisations
With his compact history of Switzerland, the Swiss historian Thomas Maissen presents the eagerly awaited new overview. Based on the latest research results, he describes in a fluid style the origins of the Swiss Confederation, its extraordinary continuity, but also its many cleavages up to the most recent past. Whoever wants to have the...

Edited by Élodie Lecuppre-Desjardin
L'odeur du sang et des roses
Relire Johan Huizinga aujourd'hui
Histoire et civilisations

Nathalie Dereymaeker, Florence Raymond
The relief-map of Lille
A short story of an enduring object

Nathalie Dereymaeker, Florence Raymond
Le plan-relief de Lille
Petite histoire d'un grand objet
The plan-relief of Lille, this amazing objet, is finaly studied by scientist scholars and concerned by a specific valorisation in the museum.

Edited by Guillaume Cuchet, Charles Mériaux
Histoire et civilisations
According to Christian theology, the councils are supposed to be "inspired" or "assisted" by the Holy Spirit, but it is clear that their annals are full of conflicts, dramatic turn of events, maneuvers, as well in the conduct of assemblies as in the writing of records.

Maryse Decayeux-Cuvillier
Des mathématiques pour les filles ?
L'exemple de l'enseignement primaire de la Somme de 1881 à 1923
Histoire et civilisations
In primary schools, at the end of the 19th century, girls have lower results than boys on mathematics. Are they deprived of « having a gift » for maths, or are there other reasons to that situation ? New programs have been published since 1881. Mathematics teaching is meant to be « useful », it also aims to develop reflection.

Edited by Gwénola Sebaux
Dialogues entre cultures
Does the notion of transmission still make sense in the 21st century? Are migration and transmission intrinsically linked? How does transmission operate in migratory context? The interdisciplinary studies of international specialists try to provide innovative answers to these as well as other equally fundamental questions for our post-migration ...

Julien Rycx
Histoire et civilisations
At the heart of "a mystery that still seems far from being exhausted" (Bertrand Joly - 2008), boulangism, a polymorphic movement, seems to have been studied in all its aspects since Adrien Dansette's first works in 1939. However, its analysis through the prism of Freemasonry still remains a fallow area of research.

Edited by Bruno Duriez, Olivier Rota, Catherine Vialle
Femmes catholiques, femmes engagées
France, Belgique, Angleterre - XXe siècle
Histoire et civilisations
The commitment of Roman Catholic women to the ecclesial institution led during the XXth century to an upheaval within conventional representations of feminine roles in the Church.

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