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Edited by Stéphanie Diane Daussy
L'Architecture flamboyante en France
Autour de Roland Sanfaçon
Architecture et urbanisme

Edited by Pierre Gillon, Christian Sapin
Architecture et urbanisme
Medieval crypts are a mystery-filled heritage whose variety and questions remain unknown. Thirty researchers contribute to the knowledge of crypts in two regions.

Edited by Dominic Moreau, Esther Dehoux, Alban Gautier, Claire Barillé

Edited by Dominic Moreau, Esther Dehoux, Alban Gautier, Claire Barillé

Edited by Dominic Moreau, Esther Dehoux, Claire Barillé

Edited by Arnaud Timbert
Architecture et urbanisme
What is Gothic architecture? The nine essays in this book offer an unprecedented answer to this question.

Edited by Nathalie Simonnot, Rosine Lheureux
Architecture et urbanisme
Archives, libraries and museums are both preservation spaces and places for showing collections. From various shapes, different work organizations and building periods, regularly transformed, they can't be easily understood.

Arnaud Timbert
Viollet-le-Duc et Pierrefonds
Histoire d'un chantier
Documents et témoignages
The castle of Pierrefonds, restored by the architect Viollet-le-Duc at the request of Napoleon III, is one of the most prestigious building sites of the second half of the 19th century.

Edited by Viviane Delpech
Villégiature et architecture domestique
Architecture et urbanisme
Viollet-le-Duc's activity as a contemporaneous architect and builder is often overshadowed by his actions as a restorer of medieval heritage. His implementations, his projects and his writings about this subject are nevertheless prolific, what fully justifies a renewed thinking about his works. From his construction sites to his aborted projects...

Jacques Thiébaut
Architecture et urbanisme

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