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Edited by Yolaine Gassier, Baptiste Giraud
Le travail syndical en actes
Faire adhérer, mobiliser, représenter
Espaces politiques
How are union representatives' practices recomposed ? What are they actually doing in their mandates ? What processus of professionalization can be observed in the area of trade union representation ?

Edited by Maryvonne Prévot, Éric Monin, Nicolas Douay
Architecture et urbanisme
In the seventies, French urban-development agencies and engineering firms were regular users of urban simulation games from the United States.

Yuniya Kawamura
Mode, genre et masculinité, du Bronx à la marchandisation
Le regard sociologique
This is the translation of the first academic study of sneakers and the subculture that surrounds them. Since the 1980s, American sneaker enthusiasts have created a distinctive identity for themselves. How have sneakers come to gain this status and what makes them fashionable? In what ways are sneaker subcultures bound up with gender identity and..

Edited by Francis Meilliez
Pouvoirs de l'eau et eau des pouvoirs
L'illusion humaine de la maîtrise de l'eau
Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
Water flows everywhere ; it is essential for life. However, potable water, esential for mankind is not naturally located where men get together. As water only flows and renews itself continuously, men think to be able to control waterways. But which one does control the other ?

Julie Landour
Sociologie des Mompreneurs
Entreprendre pour concilier travail et famille ?
Le regard sociologique
Is self-employment the best way to balance work and family life ?. This argument has been widely used to promote business creation among women. This research aims at debunking this myth through the Mompreneurs' case.

Edited by Virginie Albe, Jacques Commaille, Florent Le Bot
L'échelle des régulations politiques, XVIIIe-XXIe siècles
L'histoire et les sciences sociales aux prises avec les normes, les acteurs et les institutions
Capitalismes - éthique - institutions Numéro 13
Can one still speak of a mastered regulation of societies? This is the question to which Les échelles des régulations politiques seeks to respond by soliciting a plurality of social science disciplines and a large diversity of areas of observation.

Edited by Moïse Déro
Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
Human memories – those of our societies, collective or individual memories – are changing in a world in great acceleration and production of new knowledge. Can these plural memories preserve everything, be at the same time witnesses, memories, resources and reflections of our time in a world itself in transformation?

Alain Desreumaux, Jean-Pierre Bréchet
Repenser l'entreprise
Pour une théorie de l'entreprise fondée sur le Projet
Capitalismes - éthique - institutions Numéro 12
After all is said and done, we end up not knowing why companies exist: to produce useful goods and services? To make a profit? To create employment? To accomplish other goals (but which ones)? In contemporary debates about the company and its responsibilities, confusion reigns. The company that produces the goods and services is confused with the..

Edited by Barbara Rist, Sylvie Rouxel
Tous autonomes !
Injonction des politiques sociales ou fabrication collective
Le regard sociologique
This book aims at reconsidering the coupling between autonomy, an undisputed ideal of modern individualistic societies, and dependency, as seen as its negative opposite.

Edited by Véronique Bontemps, Franck Mermier, Stéphanie Schwerter
Les villes divisées
Récits littéraires et cinématographiques
Dialogues entre cultures
With their multiple forms of social, ethno-religious or political fragmentations, divided cities belong to the reality of the modern world and find their fictional expression in different imaginary ways. Despite the omnipresence of urban divisions in contemporary life, the analysis of literary and cinematographic representations of divided has ...

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