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Series created in 2008 and supervised by Alain Deremetz & Karl Zieger.

This series was conceived as a space of reflection and debate on the specifity, the various shapes, the transmissions et continuous transformations of the literary craft from Antiquity to the 21st century.
At a time when Europe is building itself economically and politically, it is more important than ever to look at its cultural dimension with a wide perspective, from the inventory of its patrimony to the recording of its emerging manifestations. Welcoming approaches taking into account adjacent human sciences such as history, linguistics, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, history of art or comparative literature, this series aims at sparking the curiosity and attention of the widest audience possible. It is with this goal in mind that the series promotes approaches which clarify the backdrop, context, stakes and scope of texts as well as puts forward the constant dialogue between European literatures ever since classical antiquity.

• ISSN : 19658508
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Johann Gottfried Schnabel
Edited by Alain Reynaud

Serge Rolet
Qu'est-ce que la littérature russe ?
Introduction à la lecture des classiques (XIXe-XXe siècles)
An unprecedented intercultural approach to russian literature is presented here in the most accessible way possible.

Anne Wattel
Robert Merle
Écrivain singulier du propre de l'homme
Robert Merle is an enigma. Here is a widely popular writer who won the Prix Goncourt with his first novel, Week-end at Zuydcoote, whose books – which have never gone out of print and are still being translated and adapted for the theatre or the screen – were reviewed in literary columns for more than half a century; but who failed to be recognized

Pascal Dusapin, Maxime McKinley
Imaginer la composition musicale
Correspondance et entretiens (2010-2016)
From 2010 to 2016, Pascal Dusapin discussed his music through a written correspondance and two interviews with Maxime McKinley.

Edited by Makiko Andro-Ueda, Toshio Takemoto, Jessica Wilker
Over the past two decades, scholars have become increasingly interested in the relationship between short forms of Eastern poetry, with the haiku as its most common expression, and Western poets influenced by the tradition of moment poems. Short poems are often compared with photographs or lightning flashes as they usually focus on the evocation of

Alain Deremetz
Le miroir des muses
Poétiques de la réflexivité à Rome
Based on the confluence of contemporary semiotic theory and a much older literary field, this book contributes to the study of the specific means of self-reference in Latin poetry

Milena Jesenská
Lettres de Milena Jesenská 1938-1944
De Prague à Ravensbrück
Until today Milena was known to the public only through Kafka's letters. Kafka acknowledges her outstanding personality as 'a living fire'. A journalist in Prague, Milena Jesenská, paid for her commitment to the oppressed, the jews, the communists and the antifascists with her life.

Edited by Clément Dessy, Valérie Stiénon
(Bé)vues du futur
Les imaginaires visuels de la dystopie (1840-1940)

Philippe Romanski
Poétique d'une déconstruction

Edited by Bénédicte Gorrillot, Alain Lescart
L'illisibilité en questions
Avec Michel Deguy, Jean-Marie Gleize, Christian Prigent et Nathalie Quintane

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