Collection : Espaces politiques

Series surpervised by Rémi Lefebvre and Bruno Villalba.

This series gathers works concerned with the diverse aspects of contemporary politics.
The various spaces studied include territories, arenas and other state, international or local configurations, where politics unfold in their moving and varying forms. The aim is to better understand the different forms of the political discourse, the multiplicity of the spheres involved (actors, methods of governance, "crises"…) and the diversity of militant practices and mobilization patterns.
This series presents itself as a space of reflection on nascent mechanisms, a space questioning the boundaries of politics and encouraging the exploration of untrodden paths—as opposed to more conventional methods (power, elections, government)—in the approach of politics. The series also puts forward comparative studies, so as to better comprehend the major international stakes behind the evolution of political practices. Last but not least, because we think that politics can be better understood when it is confronted with history, sociology, anthropology and other domains such as the legal one, Espaces Politiques promotes interdisciplinary approaches. The series brings together collective works, scientific essays, survey results, etc. of both experienced and young researchers.

• ISSN : 17643716
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Edited by Jean-Jacques Lavenue
E-révolutions et révolutions
Résistances et résiliences
Espaces politiques
The so-called "Arab Springs"give rise to a number of myths and phantasms, and a lot of texts only consider the surface of movements, with both fascination and exaltation about social networks. But the digital expression of contestation is not sufficient to explain the phenomenon. It is preferable to consider deep reasons moving agents and...

Marie-Pierre Richard
Espaces politiques
Local citizenship has been much debated all over Europe. In Sweden its legitimacy has proven to be widely recognised due to good quality local governments' institutions implementing welfare programs. Despite privatization and budget cutbacks, local services provision remains of high standard.

Edited by Hans Stark, Nele Katharina Wissmann
L'Allemagne change !
Risques et défis d'une mutation
Espaces politiques

Edited by Marie-Pierre Lassus, Marc Le Piouff, Licia Sbattella
Le Jeu d'Orchestre
Recherche-action en art dans les lieux de privation de liberté
Espaces politiques

Edited by Daniel Iglesias
Du pain et de la Liberté
Socio-histoire des partis populaires apristes (Pérou, Venezuela, 1920-1962)
Espaces politiques

Edited by Guillaume Courty
La mobilité dans le système scolaire
Une solution pour la réussite et la démocratisation ?
Espaces politiques

Abdelhafid Hammouche
Politique de la ville et autorité d'intervention
Contribution à la sociologie des dispositifs d'action publique
Espaces politiques

Edited by Philippe Vervaecke
À droite de la droite
Droites radicales en France et en Grande-Bretagne au XXe siècle
Espaces politiques

Hans Stark
La politique internationale de l'Allemagne
Une puissance malgré elle
Espaces politiques

Edited by Jean-Jacques Lavenue, Bruno Villalba
Espaces politiques

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