Collection : Arts du spectacle - Images et sons

Series created in 2007 and supervised by Giusy Pisano.

This series apprehends artistic media as visual and auditory experiences and memories but it also considers images and sounds as knowledge and techniques. This articulation between thoughts and techniques invites the reader to contemplate images and sounds with an interdisciplinary and inter-mediatic approach, an approach considering temporality as the two-folded history of the material, as well as the mental, production of images and sounds. The representations of the latter, in relation to visual and auditory experiences but also in their social and political applications are explored by works within this series, as are the notions of "aesthetic eye and ear" as "models" idiosyncratic to each era, the interdependence between various cultural phenomena or the tensions between art and technique created by the introduction of novel technologies. Designed as a space enabling the circulation of works and ideas, “Images et sons” works in close collaboration with French and Northern American universities and heritage institutions.

• ISSN : 19554893
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Edited by Jean-Roch Bouiller, Ségolène Le Men, Laurence Madeline, Giusy Pisano
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Designed in 1787, the Panorama offered the public a grandiose representation giving the feeling of visiting a city or reliving a historical event.

Edited by Claude Forest, Patricia Caillé
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
This volume is based on the results of a survey about film spectatorship and the uses of films today that was carried out in two North African (Morocco and Tunisia), and two Sub-Saharan (Tchad and Togo) countries. The survey with 3000 respondents used a similar questionnaire adapted to local specificities in the different countries. The analysis of

Edited by Réjane Hamus-Vallée, Jacques Malthête, Stéphanie Salmon
Les mille et un visages de Segundo de Chomón
Truqueur, coloriste, cinématographiste… et pionnier du cinématographe
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Segundo de Chomón (1871-1929) is one of the undisputed masters in first cinematographic tricks and early coloring of moving images / early moving images coloring.

Edited by Yann Calvet, Phlippe Roger
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Jean Grémillon and the four Elements intend, if not rehabilitate, at least to pay a renewed tribute to one of the major filmmakers of the twentieth century French school, a creator who occupies a special place, paradoxical: even if it is not quite forgotten, the work of this man nourished by musical art remains today strangely back, probably ...

Edited by Sébastien Denis, Jérémy Houillère
Cirque, cinéma et attractions
Intermédialité et circulation des formes circassiennes
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Circus and cinema have often been thought together for a long time, but in terms of themes and incorporation: it is the cinema which seizes the circus to appropriate its universe, its characters, its stories, and vice versa. But the fruitfulness of the links that unite the two practices can not be limited to a one way ticket. Circus and cinema...

Matthieu Kolatte
Le cinéma taiwanais
Son histoire, ses réalisateurs et leurs films
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
The works of directors such as Hou Hsiao-hsien, Tsai Ming-liang, Ang Lee, Edward Yang have already secured their place in the history of film. But beyond them, what do we know about Taiwan cinema?

Marianne Bloch-Robin
Carlos Saura
Paroles et musique au cinéma
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
From the cinematographic work of Spanish film Carlos Saura, this book focuses on the multiple narrative and aesthetic functions of vocal music in fictional films.

Edited by Claude Forest
Produire des films
Afriques et Moyen Orient
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
In countries with an enormous film supply coming essentially from other continents, but with its own (albeit irregular and sometimes non-existent) film production, what have been the dominant modes of production? What has been the impact of the digital revolution on the modes of production? What are the economic, industrial and social issues raised

Edited by Frank Kessler, Jean-Marc Larrue, Giusy Pisano
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
From the stage to the cinema, from television to augmented and virtual realities, from circus performances to aquatic shows, the magician's practice has not ceased to be renewed and metamorphosed.

Véronique Perruchon
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
André Engel, French atypical stage director, has been working since 1972 for theater and opera. As he met the theater's création by chance, he first maked his shows " hors les murs" (riding center, factory, shed) with the same artistique team, the drama advisors Bernard Pautrat then Dominique Muller, decorator Nicky Rieti and lighting designer ...

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