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Books of the month

Xavier Labbée
Introduction générale au droit
Critères et finalités de la norme juridique
Droit / manuels
Edited by Lise Demailly, Nadia Garnoussi
Aller mieux
Approches sociologiques
Le regard sociologique
This book explores the representations and practices aiming at "doing better", in the context of health, and more specifically mental health. Contributors focus on dynamics, actors, practical resources, and experience of heal-ing, recovery, ways and means to get through.
Edited by Pascale Alexandre-Bergues, Martin Laliberté
Les archives de la mise en scène
Spectacles populaires et culture médiatique 1870-1950
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Long despised by the critics, popular shows are studied in this book as a media culture evolving through different forms of aural and visual representations, theatre, cinema, music-hall and others, often with a hypermediatic dimension.
Edited by Jean Biarnès, José Rose
Métiers et pratiques de formation
This collective, multidisciplinary work draws on research conducted in higher education to analyze the ways in which experience and skills combine. It offers theoretical and practical reflections on a topical issue.
Milena Jesenská
Lettres de Milena Jesenská 1938-1944
De Prague à Ravensbrück
Until today Milena was known to the public only through Kafka's letters. Kafka acknowledges her outstanding personality as 'a living fire'. A journalist in Prague, Milena Jesenská, paid for her commitment to the oppressed, the jews, the communists and the antifascists with her life.
Edited by Alain Cambier
Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
The frontiers between the body, the mind, the machine are vague. Whether the body is biological or socially constructed is not clear. The body is the object of philosophical, scientific and religious thinkings since the antiquity, but a central question remains: What are the limits of the body?
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