Books of the month

Edited by Jacqueline Bideaud, Claire Meljac, Jean-Paul Fischer
Alain Deremetz
Le miroir des muses
Poétiques de la réflexivité à Rome
Based on the confluence of contemporary semiotic theory and a much older literary field, this book contributes to the study of the specific means of self-reference in Latin poetry
Francis Danvers
S'orienter dans la vie : un pari éducatif ?
Pour des sciences pédagogiques de l'orientation
Métiers et pratiques de formation
The orientation is a civilization problem. It covers all stages of life from infancy up to the great age, and every human being in the definition of its social existence .
Edited by Michèle Gellereau
Information - Communication
War Object Testimonials and Mediations in Museums. The collection, preservation and transmission of knowledge about the objects and the memory of the two World Wars is accomplished through museum mediation practices. Such mediation is carried out by museums in collaboration with collectors, donors, heirs and witnesses. What forms of mediation can..
Edited by Bruno Ambroise, Bertrand Geay
Langage et politique
L'efficacité du langage en question
Especially in the political domain, to speak is to act, i.e. to produce a certain worldview and alter reality itself. Now the political domain is the scene of exchanges which are mostly power relationships. Therefore language is important because of its intrinsic efficiency, which does not reduce to rhetorical effects.
Edited by Amin Allal, Nicolas Bué
(In)disciplines partisanes
Comment les partis politiques tiennent leurs militants
Espaces politiques
Jean-Marie Le Pen's exclusion from the National Front or the management of "slingers" inside of the Socialist Party provoked debates and political disputes. These illustrative cases recall the centrality of partisan indiscipline as a hot topic. They suggest that political parties are not only organizations to which we adhere, but also institutions
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