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Edited by Emmanuelle Berthiaud, François Léger, Jérôme van Wijland
Histoire et civilisations
Edited by Antonio Delfini, Julien Talpin, Janoé Vulbeau
Démobiliser les quartiers
Enquêtes sur les pratiques de gouvernement en milieu populaire
Espaces politiques
The scarcity of collective action in poor neighborhoods cannot be understood without placing institutional practices of demobilization at the core of the analysis. This book unveils practices of repression, channeling and stigmatization which undermine social popular movements.
Edited by Florence Klein, Ruth Webb
Faire Voir
Études sur l'enargeia de l'Antiquité à l'époque moderne
Greek and Roman readers and audiences/Audiences in Greece and Rome expected words to appeal to the visual imagination, to move, entertain and persuade through the quality of enargeia or evidentia. This collection examines the workings of this phenomenon in different genres from Homeric epic to the Second Sophistic and, beyond Antiquity, in the ...
Edited by Carole Christen, Samuel Hayat, Caroline Fayolle
S'unir, travailler, résister
Les associations ouvrières au XIXe siècle
Histoire et civilisations
A key word for the labour movement and a key concept for many socialist theorists, the association crystallised in 19th century Europe the aspirations for a fairer and more egalitarian reorganisation of work.
Edited by Laurence Granchamp, Sandrine Glatron
Environnement et société
Kitchen gardens and urban agriculture are at the core of a wide range of social mobilisations and protests; they are turning into symbols of the reinvention of livelihoods and everyday life in towns, as well as of the re-politicisation of food and urban supplies.
Yannick Clavé
Les proviseurs de lycée au XIXe siècle (1802-1914)
Servir l'État, former la jeunesse
Histoire et civilisations
High school principals in the 19th century (1802-1914): managing a school, serving the State, and training youth.
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