Books of the month

Nicole Dupont-Pierrart
Claire de Gonzague Comtesse de Bourbon-Montpensier (1464-1503)
Une princesse italienne à la cour de France
Histoire et civilisations
Claire de Gonzague grew up in the marquis of Mantoue's refined court. Then, the got married with Count Gilbert Bourbon-Monpensier in 1481, cousin of King Charles VIII. She played a key role there by being a patron of art, welcoming artists and italian refugees in her Aigueperse castle in Auvergne. After the death of her husband during Italian war
Edited by Patricia-Laure Thivat
Voyages et exils au cinéma
Rencontres de l'altérité
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Travels and exiles in the movies, meeting alterity concerns cultural hybridization, as translated through the screen, with no geographical restriction (American, Italian, African, Lebanese, Taiwanese, Japanese movies and so on). Beyond directors' travels and exiles, as sources of cultural and esthetical transfers, travel and exile as a movies’...
Jutta Fortin
The spectre of the "dead mother", one that is physically present but emotionally absent, haunts Camille Laurens's literary work.
Edited by Anne Conchon, Hélène Noizet, Michel Ollion
Histoire et civilisations
The recent creation of the metropolis of the Grand Paris, whose area is the same since 1860, encourages to an historial reflexion about the limits of the town, which is at the center of the biggest urban region in Europe since the Middle Ages.
Edited by Ecaterina Bulea Bronckart, Roxane Gagnon
Éducation et didactiques
How to train to teach French grammar in primary or secondary schools? Initial training in grammar is often discussed or criticized. At a time of major changes in the francophone academic systems and in the schools' public, it’s time for reflection. This book is the collective effort of experimented trainers and researchers in order to describe...
Edited by Jacqueline Bideaud, Claire Meljac, Jean-Paul Fischer
Lille 1 Lille 2 Lille 3 Université du littoral, côte d'Opale Université Valenciennes Hainaut Cambrésis Université Catholique de Lille