Books of the month

Angelina Aleksandrova
Des noms d'âge aux noms de phase
Essai de sémantique nominale et aspectuelle
Sens et Structures
This book provides a fine linguistic description of names referring to human beings in different ages of life (baby, child, etc.) and questions, along the way, how language conceptualizes facets constituting our identity (age, sex, occupation, ...).
Edited by Solveig Fernagu Oudet, Christian Batal
(R)évolution du management des ressources humaines
Des compétences aux capabilités
Métiers et pratiques de formation
This publication aims to position itself against all the apologist rhetoric on skills. It interrogates critics, doubts and disillusions to open itself to the capability approach in order to obtain a better sense about the problems of managing people, organisation, and training.
Edited by Christine Liefooghe, Dominique Mons, Didier Paris
Lille, métropole créative ?
Nouveaux liens, nouveaux lieux, nouveaux territoires
Environnement et société
The knowledge and creative economy is a major issue for European cities marked by the industrial revolution and the economic changes of the XXth century. How Lille Métropole, a laboratory of urban renewal in France, meets this new challenge?
Edited by François Villemonteix, Jacques Béziat, Georges-Louis Baron
Éducation et didactiques
The primary school, however stable as it may seem is also a place of innovation and creativity regarding technology and digital tools for education. This book, written by researchers, proposes a wide spectrum of facts and insights about what is currently maturing in the school, from mobile learning to computational thinking.
Edited by Laurence Munoz, Pierre François
La gestion du risque dans le sport
Regards croisés 1962-2012
Sport et Sciences Sociales
The question of risk in sports concentrates to her only many subjects of debate or even of controversy. Continuously faced with over time changing legislation and case law, the positions of the relevant actors best suit to their individual interests
Bénédicte Abraham
Au commencement était l'action
Les idées de force et d'énergie en Allemagne autour de 1800
Dialogues entre cultures
This book seeks to show how the unfolding of an era, or of a moment of crisis, may be accounted for not only through events which occur or personalities who hold sway at the time, but through sensitive notions or concepts which come to be seen as the « signposts » of a change of era.
Lille 1 Lille 2 Lille 3 Université du littoral, côte d'Opale Université Valenciennes Hainaut Cambrésis Université Catholique de Lille