Collection : Espaces politiques

Series surpervised by Rémi Lefebvre and Bruno Villalba.

This series gathers works concerned with the diverse aspects of contemporary politics.
The various spaces studied include territories, arenas and other state, international or local configurations, where politics unfold in their moving and varying forms. The aim is to better understand the different forms of the political discourse, the multiplicity of the spheres involved (actors, methods of governance, "crises"…) and the diversity of militant practices and mobilization patterns.
This series presents itself as a space of reflection on nascent mechanisms, a space questioning the boundaries of politics and encouraging the exploration of untrodden paths—as opposed to more conventional methods (power, elections, government)—in the approach of politics. The series also puts forward comparative studies, so as to better comprehend the major international stakes behind the evolution of political practices. Last but not least, because we think that politics can be better understood when it is confronted with history, sociology, anthropology and other domains such as the legal one, Espaces Politiques promotes interdisciplinary approaches. The series brings together collective works, scientific essays, survey results, etc. of both experienced and young researchers.

• ISSN : 17643716
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Edited by Claire Demesmay, Hans Stark
Espaces politiques

Arnaud Berthoud
Une philosophie de la consommation
Agent économique et sujet moral
Espaces politiques

Christian Le Bart
Les Maires
Sociologie d'un rôle
Espaces politiques

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