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Véronique Perruchon
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
André Engel, French atypical stage director, has been working since 1972 for theater and opera. As he met the theater's création by chance, he first maked his shows " hors les murs" (riding center, factory, shed) with the same artistique team, the drama advisors Bernard Pautrat then Dominique Muller, decorator Nicky Rieti and lighting designer ...

Edited by Marianne Bouchardon, Ariane Ferry
Arts du spectacle - Théâtre
Throughout history, French theatre showed great confidence in its supremacy over foreign theatres - whether ancient or contemporary. Such a certainty was reinforced by the success of Parisian plays all over Europe.

Edited by Pascale Alexandre-Bergues, Martin Laliberté
Les archives de la mise en scène
Spectacles populaires et culture médiatique 1870-1950
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Long despised by the critics, popular shows are studied in this book as a media culture evolving through different forms of aural and visual representations, theatre, cinema, music-hall and others, often with a hypermediatic dimension.

Véronique Perruchon
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
This study proposes a historical and aesthetic travel through the colour black in theater. By giving concrete examples, the book reflects this evolution and establishes darkness as a light among the stage's components.

Edited by Jean-Marc Larrue
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons

Edited by Jean-Marc Larrue, Giusy Pisano
Les archives de la mise en scène
Hypermédialités du théâtre
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons

Françoise Pélisson-Karro
Régie théâtrale et mise en scène
L'Association des régisseurs de théâtre (1911-1939)
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons

Pascal Bouchez
Filmer l'éphémère
Récrire le théâtre (et Mesguich) en images et en sons
Information - Communication

Edited by François Molina, Martín Elizondo, Patrick Molina
Théâtre espagnol / Teatro español
Analyse théâtrale, interprétation et méthode de traduction
Lettres et Civilisations des pays Hispanopho

Martine Pelletier
Le théâtre de Brian Friel
Histoire et histoires
This volume analyses the works of the great Irish playwright Brian Friel, studies the founding tension between individual and collective history — written, re-written and infinitely open to the games of memory and language…

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