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Olivier Ryckebusch
Histoire et civilisations
The obligation made for people of law to lead the beggars in the prisons of the closest city raises the question of the confinement in the big cities of the provinces of the North. In France, the royal State believes to remedy these difficulties by the edict of June, 1662 ordering the creation of a general hospital in every city of the kingdom. The

Edited by Danielle Quéruel
Bibliothèque des seigneurs du Nord

Achille Liénart
Edited by Catherine Masson
Documents et témoignages

Denise Delmas-Decreus
Edited by Bernard Delmas
Journal de guerre d'une institutrice du Nord 1939-1945
à Dunkerque, Arras, Bailleul, Hazebrouck
Documents et témoignages

Alexandre Dubois
Documents et témoignages

Edited by Annette Becker
Documents et témoignages

Edited by Didier Terrier, Claudine Wallart
Documents et témoignages

Alain Lottin
Histoire et civilisations

Edited by Christine Liefooghe, Dominique Mons, Didier Paris
Lille, métropole créative ?
Nouveaux liens, nouveaux lieux, nouveaux territoires
Environnement et société
The knowledge and creative economy is a major issue for European cities marked by the industrial revolution and the economic changes of the XXth century. How Lille Métropole, a laboratory of urban renewal in France, meets this new challenge?

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