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Edited by Cécile Robert
Confiner la démocratie
Les dépolitisations de l'action publique
Espaces politiques
An increasing number of public issues are nowadays depoliticised. The forms of public action that deal with them tend in fact to bypass their discussion as a societal choice, to confine them to democratic debate. This book investigates the modalities of this depoliticization. It seeks to understand its success, its political uses. Finally, it ...

Edited by Christian Bessy, Claude Didry
L'économie est une science réflexive
Chômage, convention et capacité dans l'œuvre de Robert Salais
Capitalismes - éthique - institutions Numéro 15
The work of Robert Salais – one of the founders of the French current known as the "Economie des conventions" – shows a singular reflection that crosses interests for history, law and philosophy. In this respect, economics as practiced by Robert Salais is a reflexive science that constantly renews its interrogations, based on the results obtained.

Lille 1 Lille 2 Lille 3 Université du littoral, côte d'Opale Université Valenciennes Hainaut Cambrésis Université Catholique de Lille