Collection : Savoirs mieux

A transversal series of small format books, Savoirs mieux investigates in condensed form lively topics in various fields of knowledge. Far from any set formula, researchers find in this series a space to draw their vision of what really matters, to the benefit of students and wider audiences.

• ISSN : 12924385
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Yves Jeanneret
Savoirs mieux Numéro 23

Annick Béague, Jacques Boulogne, Alain Deremetz, Françoise Toulze
Savoirs mieux Numéro 2

Edited by Patrick Martin-Mattera
Savoirs mieux Numéro 28

Claire Pignol
Savoirs mieux Numéro 40
Can agents who decide independently from each other coordinate their economic activities? From the XVIIIth century, economic thought answers this question by an intuition: a coordination is possible thanks to the prices' mechanism. The general equilibrium theory explores this intuition. It constitutes by there the economic theory of a society ...

Robert Deliège
Savoirs mieux Numéro 22

Edited by Emmanuel Cherrier, Stéphane François
Savoirs mieux Numéro 39
The definition of the (famous) "French-style" public service often forgets one of its dimensions, nevertheless fundamental. Its relationship in the political ideologies, that it is about the vision of the public service for the main ideologies, or about the way the political parties which refer to these integrated (or not) the public service into t

Michel Bouvier
Rudiments de culture chrétienne
Pour une meilleure lecture des oeuvres littéraires
Savoirs mieux Numéro 11

Marlène Lebrun
Savoirs mieux Numéro 8

Christine Barré-De Miniac
Le rapport à l'écriture
Aspects théoriques et didactiques
Savoirs mieux Numéro 37

Jean-Paul Bronckart
Savoirs mieux Numéro 38

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