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The mission of the "Philosophie" collection is to question philosophical notions, concepts and ideas. Relating to topics of reflection or, on the contrary, to fields that have not yet been explored in detail, the books cover various issues that promote openness to other disciplines, be they artistic, linguistic or historiographical.

• ISSN : 12426326
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Edited by Raphaël Chappé, Anne Durand
How and why did one come to consider, in the first half of the 19th century, in Germany, that philosophy had to be realised?

Jean-Baptiste Vuillerod
Rather than the stereotypical image of Deleuze as a great opponent of Hegelianism, the book seeks to show that he attempted to accomplish the philosophical revolution that Hegel had begun but failed to truly accomplish.

Edited by Philippe Sabot
Discours et politiques de l'identité
À partir de Michel Foucault
What are the theoretical and practical roots of the logics of identity assignment that imprison our lives and seem to deprive us of any prospect of emancipation? Can we and should we escape from them? At what price?

Aurélien Djian
Husserl et l'horizon comme problème
Une contribution à l'histoire de la phénoménologie
To what extent is the horizon a central concept of Husserl's phenomenology? If not new, this claim has still not been truly accounted for by the commentators. This book aims at showing that the only way to account for it is to embrace both the problem of the horizon and that of what Husserl’s phenomenology itself consists in.

Edited by Nathalie Grandjean, Alain Loute
Valeurs de l'attention
Perspectives éthiques, politiques et épistémologiques
This book sets out to reinterrogate ethics and political philosophy starting from the concept of attention.

Holger Schmid
À contre-jour
Esthétique ou philosophie première
That the end of art and the end of philosophy go hand in hand appears to be proven by our current civilisation. And yet, in probing once again the 20th century in its singularity as much of fascination as of horror, there is a chance to reconfigure the questions of the work of art and of the truth in discourse under the sign of the key problem that

Laurent Muller
Ethics philosophy always used the concepts of obligation, sanction, and of ethical models. Guyau, being a critical thinker of the idea of evolution, suggests that ethics should be considered in light of a vital imperative. He also deems that - if correctly understood- the anomic capacity of life generates a plurality of ways for obligation to...

Edited by Louis Carré, Alain Loute
Donner, reconnaître, dominer
Trois modèles en philosophie sociale
Giving and recognizing are two basic features of social human activities. But can they be considered as being perfectly identical? Besides, which links do they both have to the dimension of social domination? Those are the questions raised within the volume that crisscrosses different theoretical approaches in order to answer them.

Edited by Peggy Avez, Charles Capet, Gweltaz Guyomarc'h

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