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• ISSN : 25528203
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Edited by Pascal Depoorter, Nathalie Frigul, Thomas Venet, Sébastien Vignon
Is not the weakening of the working class and the weakening of the trade union and political organizations that claimed to speak on its behalf too soon concluded with the "end of the workers"?

Edited by Clément Desrumaux, Gwénaëlle Mainsant
Apprendre la politique
Enquête sur les étudiant·e·s en droit et science politique en France
Studying politics and voting for the first time in the same year. These students, first-time voters, experience an unusual moment: their vote finds an echo in their studies. This book examines how this dual experience shapes relationships towards politics.

Edited by Thomas Aguilera, Francesca Artioli, Lorenzo Barrault-Stella, Emmanuelle Hellier, Romain Pasquier
Les cartes de l'action publique
Pouvoirs, territoires, résistances
Being both a policy instrument and a form of representation, maps are a central object for the social sciences. This multidisciplinary book examines the political uses of maps through a multilevel perspective and by comparing different policy sectors: maps institutionalize territories, crystallize conflicts and participate in policy problem ...

Edited by Christophe Granger, Laurent Le Gall, Sébastien Vignon
Voter au village
Les formes locales de la vie politique, XXe-XXIe siècles
Taking as its object "the vote in the village", in the 20th and 21st centuries this book focuses on building a sociology and history “at ground level” of local political practices.

Edited by Sophie Richardot, Sabine Rozier
Why are human and social sciences so disputed or ignored in places where they could enlighten reflection and action ?

Edited by Thierry Guilbert, Pascaline Lefort
Discours et (re)constructions identitaires
Analyses interdisciplinaires
It is primarily through discourses that individuals, social groups and institutions proclaim, use and reconfigure their identities (individual, social, professional, political, national, ethnic, etc.).

Edited by Bruno Ambroise, Bertrand Geay
Langage et politique
L'efficacité du langage en question
Especially in the political domain, to speak is to act, i.e. to produce a certain worldview and alter reality itself. Now the political domain is the scene of exchanges which are mostly power relationships. Therefore language is important because of its intrinsic efficiency, which does not reduce to rhetorical effects.

Edited by François Buton, Patrick Lehingue, Nicolas Mariot, Sabine Rozier
L'Ordinaire du Politique
Enquêtes sur les rapports profanes au politique
This book aims to interrogate, via fifteen studies based on qualitative methods, the ordinary face of politics. Ranging from talks to occupations, the scope of the studies helps to better understand what politics means in French people's everyday life.

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