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• ISSN : 02962454
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Edited by Christian Berner, Charlotte Morel
Opuscules Numéro 39
What is the sense of sense? An investigation through contemporary philosophy.

Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher
Pour une logique du discours individuel
Opuscules Numéro 38
Conceived in full expansion of German idealism, but largely against it, Schleiermacher's Hermeneutics develops the first theory of individual discourse and defines the methods of understanding appropriate to it.

Simon Calenge
Les logiques herméneutiques
Hans Lipps, Georg Misch, Josef König, Martin Heidegger
Opuscules Numéro 37
Knowledge is life-form. It depends on the conditions of its production. This relativity is not a limit – it is on the contrary the véry source of the validity of knowledge. Hermeneutical logic is the study of this relativity and its productive power.

Jean Bollack, Patrick Llored
Opuscules Numéro 36
Do we know what we are doing when we are reading texts ? Do we know what we are understanding when we become readers ?

Georg Friedrich Meier
Opuscules Numéro 35
Establishing the art of interpretation as a science, that is the objective of G. Fr. Meier's Essay of 1757, the systematic treatise of the most accomplished hermeneutics of Enlightenment rationalism.

Jean Quillien
Opuscules Numéro 34
The examination of Humboldt's commentators eventually draws a contrasting image of his work, which is entirely devoted, notably through the study of linguistics and languages, to answering the fundamental question: what is man ?

Christoph König
L'intelligence du texte
Rilke – Celan – Wittgenstein
Opuscules Numéro 33
The intelligence necessary to attribute meaning to literary texts relies on the intelligence embodied in the texts themselves. This thought leads Christoph König to ask : How shall we read the works of Schiller, Friedrich Schlegel, Uhland, Rilke, Kafka and Celan ?

Fosca Mariani Zini
La calomnie. Un philosophème humaniste
Pour une préhistoire de l'herméneutique
Opuscules Numéro 32

Wilhelm Dilthey
La vie historique
Manuscrits relatifs à une suite de l'édification du monde historique dans les sciences de l'esprit
Opuscules Numéro 30

Pierre Macherey
Opuscules Numéro 31

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