Collection : Histoire et civilisations

Series supervised by Carole Christen.

This series is concerned with individual and collective historical studies of the medieval, modern and contemporaries eras. With already 140 titles in its catalogue, it puts forwards the various historical methods but never favors one over the other. Studies pertaining to urban or rural history, demographic, economic, social, political, cultural or religious history, biographies and historical essays are amongst the ever-growing and wide-ranging panel of works in this series.

• ISSN : 2780-7827 (online)

• ISSN : 12845655
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Mélanie Dubois Morestin
Être entrepreneur au Moyen Âge
Jean Teisseire, artisan cordier d'Avignon
Histoire et civilisations
Who were businessmen in the Middle Ages and how did they manage their accountings? The diary of Jean Teisseire, a hemper of Avignon in the XIVth century gives us a new insight in the inner perception of a head of a family.

Edited by Stefano Magagnoli, Philippe Meyzie
Réputation et marché
Produits, origines et marques : perspectives historiques
Histoire et civilisations
Understanding why a product is clearly identified, distinct from others and recognized for its specific qualities is a key question for figuring out economy: reputation is the cornerstone of this process.

Edited by Emmanuelle Berthiaud, François Léger, Jérôme van Wijland
Histoire et civilisations
What do children suffer from? Where to look after them and welcome them? How and when to vaccinate them? In medical theory and practice, concern for childhood has a multifaceted, non-linear history that this book seeks to explore.

Edited by Carole Christen, Samuel Hayat, Caroline Fayolle
S'unir, travailler, résister
Les associations ouvrières au XIXe siècle
Histoire et civilisations
A key word for the labour movement and a key concept for many socialist theorists, the association crystallised in 19th century Europe the aspirations for a fairer and more egalitarian reorganisation of work.

Yannick Clavé
Les proviseurs de lycée au XIXe siècle (1802-1914)
Servir l'État, former la jeunesse
Histoire et civilisations
High school principals in the 19th century (1802-1914): managing a school, serving the State, and training youth.

Edited by Caroline zum Kolk, Boris Bove, Alain Salamagne
Histoire et civilisations
The studies composing this book examine, from a comparative perspective, the long-term evolution of curial itinerancy in France, the nature of courtly mobility and its impact on both the royal entourage and society at large.

Vincent Chai
« Les Satisfaits »
Guizot et sa majorité à la Chambre des députés (1846-1848)
Histoire et civilisations
The revolution of 1848 had political origins: the rejection of electoral reform by King Louis-Philippe and his minister Guizot. However, under the July Monarchy, the Chamber of Deputies also had its say. The deputies were appointed by a minority of censitary voters and placed their trust in the king's ministers. It turned out that in 1846, the ...

Christine Focquenoy Simonnet
Les surveillants généraux (1847-1970)
Entre figures littéraires et profils historiques
Histoire et civilisations
The 'surveillant général' (general supervisor) is a key character in French schools, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In collective imagery, he appears as a strong character, firmly enforcing order and discipline in secondary schools. The research examines this myth and confronts it with historical sources. This archetype belongs to..

Ludovic Balavoine
Jan van Eyck
Als Ich Can
Histoire et civilisations
Who is Jan van Eyck? Even if the painter from the Meuse area has bequeathed major groundbreaking works, which have made him famous since the XVth century, the very incomplete sources only permit to get a glimpse of some aspects of the Flemish master and his personality. Consequently, writing about Jan van Eyck's life represents a challenge that ...

Edited by Esther Dehoux, Caroline Galland, Catherine Vincent
Des usages de la grâce
Pratiques des indulgences du Moyen Âge à l'époque contemporaine
Histoire et civilisations
This book reconsiders the question of indulgences, brought to the fore once more by the fifth centenary of Martin Luther's posting of the 95 theses in 1517. Its authors use primary sources from the Middle Ages to digital social networks to present a series of innovative studies which consider them in practice and over the long term, away from the..

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