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Edited by François Berquin, Catherine Haman
Roman 20-50, collection « Actes », n° 18, janvier 2022
Michel Chaillou, l'écriture fugitive

Edited by Pascal Lefranc
Revue des Sciences Humaines, n° 344/octobre-décembre 2021
Michel Chaillou à l'écoute de l'obscur

Edited by Adrien Cavallaro

Edited by Nelly Wolf, Matthieu Rémy
This collective work aims to show that, contrary to popular belief, May 68 exerted a rapid, profound and lasting influence on literature.

Chiara Rolla
Michel Chaillou's prose reveals a renewed and subversive relationship with literature and with past and present knowledges. In most of his works he has surveyed texts, authors, characters, spaces and geographies of past eras.

Yona Hanhart-Marmor
Pierre Michon
Une écriture oblique
By the themes he chooses, his specific style, Pierre Michon teaches us that one has to target the periphery in order to reach the inner truth. This essay presents an exhaustive but indirectly formulated theory of obliquity based on Michon's own words.

Edited by Carine Capone, Caecilia Ternisien
From the three recent novels of Maylis of Kerangal - Corniche Kennedy, Birth of a bridge and Repairing the living - a Kerangal signature, singular and strong, asserts itself.

Edited by Martina Bengert, Lars Schneider
Revue des Sciences Humaines, n°336/octobre-décembre 2019
Les espaces des avant-gardes. Topographies urbaines de Paris et de sa banlieue

Edited by Daniel Compère
nord', n°74/Décembre 2019
Jules Verne, homme du Nord

Edited by François Berquin, Dolorès Lyotard

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