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Przemysław Czapliński
La carte déplacée
L'imaginaire géographique et culturel des lettres polonaises au tournant des XXe et XXIe siècles
A brilliant perspective on contemporary Polish literature that offers a new cartography of Europe.

Johann Gottfried Schnabel
Edited by Alain Reynaud

Serge Rolet
Qu'est-ce que la littérature russe ?
Introduction à la lecture des classiques (XIXe-XXe siècles)
An unprecedented intercultural approach to russian literature is presented here in the most accessible way possible.

Miklós Zrínyi
Edited by Jean-Louis Vallin
Remède contre l'opium turc
Appel à la nation hongroise contre l'occupation ottomane au XVIIe siècle
Littératures étrangères
The last work of Miklós Zrinyi (1620-1664) addressed to the Hungarian nation by its once most committed defender, Remedy against Turkish Opium holds concurrently a call to patriotic surge, a lampoon targeting young people oblivious to their duty, and a project for a national army aiming at waging war on the Turkish occupying forces, without ...

Pascal Dusapin, Maxime McKinley
Imaginer la composition musicale
Correspondance et entretiens (2010-2016)
From 2010 to 2016, Pascal Dusapin discussed his music through a written correspondance and two interviews with Maxime McKinley.

Daniel Argelès
Klaus Schlesinger ou l'écriture de l'histoire
Berlin et l'Allemagne, 1937-2001
Mondes germaniques
Germany's turbulent 20th-century history deeply shaped the life and work of Berlin writer Klaus Schlesinger (1937-2001). This critical East-German author who emigrated to West-Berlin in the 1980's and lived in Berlin’s subcultures on both sides of the Wall, eludes narrow classifications through his trajectory and the dozen short stories or novels..

Milena Jesenská
Lettres de Milena Jesenská 1938-1944
De Prague à Ravensbrück
Until today Milena was known to the public only through Kafka's letters. Kafka acknowledges her outstanding personality as 'a living fire'. A journalist in Prague, Milena Jesenská, paid for her commitment to the oppressed, the jews, the communists and the antifascists with her life.

Edited by Claire Demesmay, Hans Stark
Allemagne d'aujourd'hui, n°214/octobre - décembre 2015
France-Allemagne par images interposées

Edited by Carola Hähnel-Mesnard, Dominique Herbet
Mondes germaniques

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