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Edited by Jérôme Krop, Corinne Vezirian
Le massacre d'Ascq, 1er avril 1944
Enseigner un traumatisme de l'histoire
The Ascq killing of April 1, 1944 left a deep mark on the memory and history of WWII in the North France. It remains today an issue of memorial transmission that school history teaching cannot ignore.

Edited by Noriko Berlinguez-Kôno
La genèse des études japonaises en Europe
Autour du fonds Léon de Rosny de Lille
Histoire et civilisations
To what extent can we explain the genesis of Japanese studies as well as the nineteenth century intellectual landscape through Léon de Rosny (1837-1914) or even through his own collection kept in Lille? What epistemological filiations with Orientalism and the idea of progress? How do the documents kept by Rosny tell us about the circulation of know

Edited by Claire Miot, Guillaume Piketty, Thomas Vaisset
Numéro 6
This book aims to question the specificities – or non-specificities – of the commitment of military people to the resistances. It will notably consider the tensions between the fact of being trained to obey orders, on the one part, and that of complying with an ethos gratifying the refusal to surrender and thus of joining a resistance organization,

Alice-Catherine Carls, Stephen D. Carls
Numéro 5
The cultural, territorial, social, and economic transformations of Europe between 1914 and 1945 were the product of two world wars within the context of modernization and world power ambitions. Europe From War to War –1914 - 1945 provides a comprehensive coverage of leaders' decisions as well as societal trends on a territory stretching from the...

Philippe Castejón
Réformer l'empire espagnol au XVIIIe siècle
Le système de gouvernement de José de Gálvez (1765-1787)
Histoire et civilisations
This book examines the political reforms under the rule of Charles III. He undertook several profound changes in the Indies' government, including the creation of new administrative territories: a viceroyalty, two capitanías generales, three Audiencias, and numerous intendencias in almost all the Indies.

Edited by Philippe Marchand
Raconter la guerre
Souvenirs des élèves du département du Nord (1920)
Documents et témoignages
In May 1920, on the occasion of an International Exhibition for the Renaissance of the liberated regions, Georges Lyon Lille chief education officer, asked the teachers to reply to a questionnaire and asked the pupils to write an essay about their memories at war and a narrative dramatic experience they could have been watching as well.

Edited by Christine Hoët-van Cauwenberghe, Armelle Masse, Gilles Prilaux
Sel et société
Tome 2 : santé, croyances et économie
Histoire et civilisations
The study of salt, through the centuries and from ancient times, is done through a multidisciplinary approach, where the man is facing salt for his health, for his beliefs related to it, and for the wealth he seems to get for him.

Franck Vindevogel
L'Amérique des prisons
Origines et bilan d'une incarcération de masse
Histoire et civilisations
The United States accounts for 5% of the world population but imprisons 25% of all inmates in the world. For a nation that has always ranked freedom on top of its values, having the highest incarceration rate on the planet is a paradox that raises numerous questions.

Julien Fuchs
Le temps des jolies colonies de vacances
Au cœur de la construction d'un service public, 1944-1960
Histoire et civilisations
Between 1944 and 1960, french holiday camps became a major social phenomenon, involving hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents. Wishing to accompany the expansion of these structures born of private initiatives, the French State builds a specific policy and dedicates an administration to them.

Edited by Stéphane Benoist, Alban Gautier, Christine Hoët-van Cauwenberghe, Rémy Poignault
Histoire et civilisations
Twenty-five ways to account for the memories of the Roman emperors Trajan and Hadrian (98-117 and 117-138 BCE) offer us many variations and angles of multidisciplinary approach, and are placed under the illustrious patronage of Marguerite Yourcenar's Mémoires d'Hadrien (1951).

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