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Edited by Bérénice Gaussuin, Mohammed Hadjiat, Florence Lafourcade
Architecture et urbanisme
Through the contributions of 22 authors, this book examines the legacy of Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, the architect who restored Notre-Dame de Paris.

Edited by Elliot Adam, Lionel Germain
Master [Histoire – Archéologie – Histoire de l'art]

Edited by Piero S. Colla, Bénédicte Girault, Sébastien Ledoux
Histoires nationales et narrations minoritaires
Vers de nouveaux paradigmes scolaires ? XXe-XXIe siècles
Europe, Europe[s]
The book examines the new international challenges facing history teaching through the prism of cultural diversity.

Jean-Baptiste Santamaria
Histoire et civilisations
From Artois to Burgundy, Marguerite of France can be regarded as a female incarnation of political reformism during the Hundred Years' War.

Edited by Marion Deschamp, Julien Léonard, Stefano Simiz
La fabrique du clerc
Formation, vocation, profession dans les christianismes (XIIIe - XVIIIe s.)
Histoire et civilisations
This book examines the training of clerics in both Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches in medieval and early modern Europe. It does so from a global perspective which will take into account issues related to clerical vocation, professionalization and identity-building.

Edited by Sandrine Conan, Delphine Hanquiez
Architecture et urbanisme
New studies on religious and monastic architecture between the 11th and 13th centuries in northern France and neighboring regions.

Claire Dubois
L'art comme arme en politique
Les combats de Constance Markievicz
Histoire et civilisations
The purpose of this interdisciplinary study is to shed light on Constance Markievicz's aesthetics of resistance during the Irish revolution.

Serge Dormard
Lille au XVIIIe siècle
Une histoire financière
Histoire et civilisations
The use of concepts and methods from modern economic analysis makes it possible to enrich historical research by providing, in the case of eighteenth-century Lille, precise answers to such essential questions as the impact of the budgetary and fiscal policies adopted by municipal officials.

Edited by Sophie Descamps-Lequime, Violaine Jeammet
How to make a work in terracotta or bronze in ancient Greece and Egypt and what are the meeting points between the two techniques?

Edited by Léonard Dauphant
Metz 1500
Pouvoir et culture urbaine au temps de Philippe de Vigneulles
Histoire et civilisations
Centred on Philippe de Vigneulles, a merchant and writer, the book studies urban culture in Metz between the Middle Ages and modern times.

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