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Armand Himy
John Milton
Pensée, mythe et structure dans le paradis perdu

Edited by André Parreaux, Michèle Plaisant
Domaines anglophones

Michael Rose
French industrial studies
A bibliography and guide
Domaines anglophones

Brian Moore
Chrétiens demain
Le visiteur
Catholics is more than the reflection of a major writer's personality and a masterpiece of construction and economy. Behind the confrontation between the young priest, harbinger of a new-style Church that turns its back on tradition, and the uncooperative Abbot…

Aspects du XIXe siècle Ibérique et Ibéro-Américain
Actes du XIIe Congres de la société des hispanistes Français de l'enseignement supérieur Lille 1976
Lettres et Civilisations des pays Hispanopho

Jacqueline Genet
William Butler Yeats
Les fondements et l'évolution de la création poétique
Yeats, one of the greatest English-language poets, had never been the object of a long-term critical work in France. This volume fills in this gap, studying the poetic creation — at the same time the work created and the creative process…

James Plunkett
Les occasions perdues
The Trusting and The Maimed
James Plunkett's short stories are essentially about Dublin and Dubliners in the years that followed the Second World War. As in Joyce's Dubliners, the feeling of frustration is perceptible everywhere…

Edited by Régis Durand
Littératures étrangères

Edited by Maurice Harmon, Patrick Rafroidi
Irish literature has not received the critical attention it deserves, except for its giants: Yeats in poetry, Synge and O'Cosey in theatre, Joyce… In the genre of the novel, he is far from being the only one…

Fred Fischbach
Littératures étrangères

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