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Anne-Sophie Donnarieix
Puissances de l'ombre
Le surnaturel du roman contemporain
The French contemporary narrative reveals a disturbing fascination for the irrational. Rather deserting the too bright shores of reason, it summons magical and often anachronistic figures (spectres, shamans, witches) to probe the meanders of a collective psyche whose fears and phantasms resist the paths of rationalism.

Edited by Florence de Chalonge, François Noudelmann
Figure, pensée, voix
Pour Bruno Clément
This volume questions the role of figures in thought, since the middle of the 20th century. It focuses on voice in written language, through the work of writers and philosophers.

Edited by François Berquin, Catherine Haman
Roman 20-50, collection « Actes », n° 18, janvier 2022
Michel Chaillou, l'écriture fugitive

Edited by Pascal Lefranc
Revue des Sciences Humaines, n° 344/octobre-décembre 2021
Michel Chaillou à l'écoute de l'obscur

Edited by Florence Klein, Ruth Webb
Faire Voir
Études sur l'enargeia de l'Antiquité à l'époque moderne
Greek and Roman readers and audiences/Audiences in Greece and Rome expected words to appeal to the visual imagination, to move, entertain and persuade through the quality of enargeia or evidentia. This collection examines the workings of this phenomenon in different genres from Homeric epic to the Second Sophistic and, beyond Antiquity, in the ...

Edited by Adrien Cavallaro

Étienne Sauthier
Proust sous les tropiques
Diffusion, réceptions, appropriations et traduction de Marcel Proust au Brésil (1913-1960)
Histoire et civilisations
"Every reader, as he reads, is actually the reader of himself." What if this statement made by Marcel Proust could also apply to the collective reader which the cultural reception field is, within the context of cultural transfer?

Edited by Sylvain Dreyer, Dominique Vaugeois
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Does a film about a writer represent a life, an institutional position, or a discourse? Is the goal of literary television programs or on-line critical videos to make literary more accessible? Questions of cultural heritage and education, as well as the "star" status of writers, seem to dominate cinematographic and televisual approaches to ...

Edited by Nelly Wolf, Matthieu Rémy
This collective work aims to show that, contrary to popular belief, May 68 exerted a rapid, profound and lasting influence on literature.

Chiara Rolla
Michel Chaillou's prose reveals a renewed and subversive relationship with literature and with past and present knowledges. In most of his works he has surveyed texts, authors, characters, spaces and geographies of past eras.

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