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Edited by André Combes, Michel Vanoosthuyse, Isabelle Vodoz

Thomas Hardy
Nobles dames, nobles amours
A group of noble dames
Domaines anglophones

George Gissing
La nouvelle bohème
(New Grub Street)
Domaines anglophones

Edited by Jacqueline Genet
Études Irlandaises
The short story, one of the most demanding literary genres by the concentration and limited effects it requires, attracted Irish writers because of its variety and the immense field it offers to imagination. It originated in the Gaelic folklore stories…

George Gissing
Domaines anglophones

Thomas Hardy
Domaines anglophones

James Plunkett
Les occasions perdues
The Trusting and The Maimed
James Plunkett's short stories are essentially about Dublin and Dubliners in the years that followed the Second World War. As in Joyce's Dubliners, the feeling of frustration is perceptible everywhere…

René Schérer , Giorgio Passerone
Lettres et Civilisations italiennes

Edited by Bernard Jeu
Lettres et Civilisations Slaves

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