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Edited by Patrick Rafroidi, Pierre Joannon
Ireland at the crossroads
The Acts in the Lille Symposium June-July 1978
If Ireland keeps eternal values, it is also a country that, yesterday economically under-developed, is now preparing, slowly but surely, its entry into the twenty-first century. This unprecedented mutation in its already turbulent history, affects Irish politics, industry, trade…

Edited by Maurice Harmon, Patrick Rafroidi
Irish literature has not received the critical attention it deserves, except for its giants: Yeats in poetry, Synge and O'Cosey in theatre, Joyce… In the genre of the novel, he is far from being the only one…

Edited by Terence Brown, Patrick Rafroidi
Wherever the deep reasons for the success of the short story in Ireland come from — the historical, sociological or aesthetical progression of the country — it is a well-known fact, together with the excellence of numerous of its followers, from Carleton to John McGahern, from George Moore to the inevitable Joyce…

Patrick Rafroidi
L'Irlande et le romantisme
La littérature irlandaise-anglaise de 1789 à 1850 et sa place dans le mouvement occidental
The histories of western romanticism have until now forgotten Ireland whose literature in English is often believed to have began with Joyce, Yeats or O'Casey. This book is an attempt to take care of this oversight…

Edited by André Parreaux, Michèle Plaisant
Domaines anglophones

Élise Brault-Dreux
Domaines anglophones

Armand Himy
John Milton
Pensée, mythe et structure dans le paradis perdu

Edited by Jacques Aubert, Maria Jolas
Joyce & Paris 1902... 1920-1940... 1975 (version anglaise)
Papers from the fifth international James Joyce symposium
Paris 16-20 June 1975
The figure of James Joyce in Paris is no longer or hardly the wouldbe medical of 1903, disescting Aristotle and making game of Thomas Aquinas. "Prix de Paris: beware of imitations". It is somewhat that of threatened canonization which friendship still portrays. It is also, really, the author once-removed, in exchange for speech effects, a sheaf...

Edited by Jacques Aubert, Maria Jolas
Joyce & Paris 1902... 1920-1940... 1975 (version française)
Actes du cinquième symposium international James Joyce
Paris 16-20 juin 1975

Yannick Llored
Juan Goytisolo
Le soi, le monde et la création littéraire
Lettres et Civilisations des pays Hispanopho

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