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William Bulter Yeats
Edited by Jacqueline Genet
The stories that follow the Celtic Twilight and are located in real place of the West of Ireland, open the door on Celtic legends and mythology: magical world made of ghostly figures from hallucinations, world of metamorphoses…

Edited by Jacqueline Covo

Edited by Jacqueline Covo
Hommage à Claude Dumas
Histoire et création

Guy-Alain Dugast
Les idées sur l'Amérique Latine
Dans la presse espagnole autour de 1900
Histoire politique

Edited by Thomas Beaufils, Patrick Duval
Les identités néerlandaises
De l'intégration à la désintégration ?
Lettres et Civilisations des Flandres et des Pays-Bas

Thomas Kilroy
Despite his success in France and several other European countries, Kilroy, contemporary Irish playwright, is not well-known in France where his works have not been translated yet. His plays are resolutely modern by the form and the themes…

Pascal Dusapin, Maxime McKinley
Imaginer la composition musicale
Correspondance et entretiens (2010-2016)
From 2010 to 2016, Pascal Dusapin discussed his music through a written correspondance and two interviews with Maxime McKinley.

Pierre Dubois
Lettres et Civilisations des Flandres et des Pays-Bas

Edited by Patrick Rafroidi, Pierre Joannon
Ireland at the crossroads
The Acts in the Lille Symposium June-July 1978
If Ireland keeps eternal values, it is also a country that, yesterday economically under-developed, is now preparing, slowly but surely, its entry into the twenty-first century. This unprecedented mutation in its already turbulent history, affects Irish politics, industry, trade…

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