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Edited by Dominique Viart
Claude Simon
The work of Claude Simon, Nobel Prize for Literature, finally made accessible! With the testimony of specialists, writers, actors, historians and the film directed by Alain Fleischer from the Claude Simon exhibition at the Centre Pompidou.

Edited by Marie-Madeleine Castellani, Matthieu Marchal
nord', n° 82/octobre 2023
La littérature bourguignonne
The issue describes the literary profusion (manuscripts and printed works) that characterised the court of Burgundy and in particular that of the "Grand Duke of the West, Philip the Good", whose bookshop was particularly well-stocked with works produced in the region of the "Burgundian Low Countries", around the towns of Lille, Bruges and Antwerp.

Edited by Céline Barral, Tristan Leperlier
Revue des Sciences Humaines, n° 351/juillet-septembre 2023
Les écrivains polémistes dans la littérature mondiale

Edited by Christelle Reggiani, Christophe Reig

Jean-Marc Baud
Collectif littéraire
The first book on the Inculte collective, the most important group of writers of the last thirty years in France.

Edited by Sacha Carlson, Angelo Vannini, Caroline Zekri

Edited by Bernard Alluin
nord', n° 81/avril 2023
Victor Hugo et les Hauts-de-France. Textes et dessins

Edited by Sylviane Coyault, Claire Jaquier
Revue des Sciences Humaines, n° 349/janvier-mars 2023
Écrire la ruralité. Penser les usages de la terre

Edited by Mara Magda Maftei, Dominique Viart

Edited by Maxime Decout, Laurent Demanze
Roman 20-50, n° 74/décembre 2022
Tanguy Viel : La Disparition de Jim Sullivan et Article 353 du Code Pénal

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