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Edited by Maurice Niwese, Jacqueline Lafont-Terranova, Martine Jaubert
Écrire et faire écrire dans l'enseignement postobligatoire
Enjeux, modèles et pratiques innovantes
Éducation et didactiques
While it is now accepted that people learn to write not only in school but also throughout life, essential questions arise when it comes to post-compulsory education. Which skills to develop, which models to use, which devices to experiment with?

Laura Nicolas
Éducation et didactiques
Whether in the scholar system or the university environment, foreign language teaching and learning largely takes place in a group situation. How, then, do teachers act in order to link together learners' individual needs and expectations? This book addresses the issue of classroom management from both the analysis of verbal interactions between...

Francis Danvers
S'orienter dans la vie : une expérience spirituelle ?
Pour des sciences pédagogiques de l'orientation - Dictionnaire de sciences humaines - Tome 4, de la 701e à la 800e Considération
Métiers et pratiques de formation
The extraordinary of orientation is that it is like « leaving for the Indies and discovering America ». It means searching for one's orient, ton open up oneself to the spiritual dimension of existence. We reveal a hidden dimension of orientation at every step of our life which makes each person the creator of ist destiny »

Guillaume Escalié
Accompagner l'entrée dans le métier des enseignants
Contribution d'un programme de recherche en anthropologie culturaliste
Métiers et pratiques de formation
If the alternation is currently the most used model to structure teachers' training, the preservice teachers regularly emphasize the lack of collaboration between the different categories of educators involved in the training programmes.

Edited by Sandra Nogry, Laetitia Boulc'h, François Villemonteix
Le numérique à l'école primaire
Pratiques de classe et supervision pédagogique dans les pays francophones
Éducation et didactiques
Digital technologies at primary school raise many questions about their uses, appropriation or their impact on pedagogical practices. This book presents recent researches conducted in french-speaking countries (francophonie).

Marie Cegarra-Cauli
Métiers et pratiques de formation
While help to developping countries remains obscure in most minds and thus a large misunderstanding of the goals and mechanisms of international cooperation reached a wide public, the book digs concretly all the way to the heart of a french language project intended for the training of health professionals and to the spreading of numerical ...

Edited by Rémi Casanova, Françoise-Marie Noguès
Métiers et pratiques de formation
This is a real origami that the authors fold through different ages, subjects and persons. What should we retain? That scapegoat is an unavoidable, timeless and worldwide process.

Edited by Marc Deleplace, Daniel Bouthier, Pierre Villepreux
Éducation et didactiques

Edited by Joaquim Dolz, Roxane Gagnon
Éducation et didactiques
An efficient teaching of written skills relies on teacher training. What place and what treatment are made of the development of written skills in teacher training courses ? This book offers an analysis of teacher training practises regarding written skills and presents conceptual and practical tools.

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