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Catherine Larrère, Philippe Sabot
In the early 2000s, the notion of the Anthropocene was put forward to designate a new era in the history of the Earth, marked by profound and irreversible transformations induced by human actions on the environment: this notion has itself led to the issues of "sustainable development", "ecological transition" and even " energetic transition ".

Edited by Rémi Barbier, François-Joseph Daniel, Sara Fernandez, Nathalie Raulet-Croset, Laetitia Guérin-Schneider, Maya Leroy
L'environnement en mal de gestion
Les apports d'une perspective situationnelle
Environnement et société
Managing the environment.... Such a project may seem ambitious. However, it is essential. To contribute to this, this book offers an original and multidisciplinary perspective on a variety of issues.

Edited by Patrizia Ingallina
Ecocity, Knowledge city, Smart city
Vers une ville écosoutenable ?
Environnement et société
Whether smart or knowledge-based, the city of the future with its strengths and promises is already there. Characterized by ecological and urban innovation, its goal is the common well-being. The concept of an eco-sustainable city is born.

Edited by Pierre Lamard, Nicolas Stoskopf
Environnement et société
The question of energy demands attention as one of the major challenges of the 21st century. The concept of the energy transition is more central than ever to public policy, which then feeds down to regional level. But it appears that periods of transition associated with the emergence of new energy sources have been a recurring phenomenon since..

Edited by Elisabeth Belmas, Serenella Nonnis-Vigilante
L'orchestration de la mort
Les funérailles, des temps modernes à l'époque contemporaine
Histoire et civilisations
If the history of death has given rise to many and great works for the last forty years, the history of the fate reserved for the dead body remains little known.

Olivier Ryckebusch
Histoire et civilisations
The obligation made for people of law to lead the beggars in the prisons of the closest city raises the question of the confinement in the big cities of the provinces of the North. In France, the royal State believes to remedy these difficulties by the edict of June, 1662 ordering the creation of a general hospital in every city of the kingdom. The

Edited by Séverine Frère, Hervé Flanquart
Environnement et société
How do people live in industrial cities ? What do inhabitants think about living next to Seveso sites, places that provide them with job opportunities but endanger their health and environment at the same time ?

Edited by Yankel Fijalkow
Dire la ville c'est faire la ville
La performativité des discours sur l'espace urbain
Environnement et société
Official discourses, marketing narratives, civic arguments, ideologies, theories and doctrines affect the production and the transformation of urban space. Introduced by Sharon Zukin, this collective work shows how the discourses of the users, the decision-makers and the designers of the city portray everyday town planning. They make the past and..

Edited by Vincent Herbert, Christophe Gibout
Plaisance et urbanité
L'intégration des ports dans les villes contemporaines
Environnement et société
Understanding the renewed relations of cities with their marinas. That is the ambition of this work which gathers researchers and practitioners of several countries.

Edited by Didier Paris
Vivre le territoire et faire la ville autrement ?
Regards croisés franco-brésiliens
Environnement et société
Current mutations of cities and territories raise the question of new forms of action and the role of public and private actors. Creativity and innovation are at the heart of the reflection. This book provides answers on issues of urban innovation, territorial development and living together in France and Brazil.

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