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Edited by Henry Cléty, Catherine Demarey, Anthony Piermattéo, Sandrine Schoenenberger

Anne-Marie Jovenet
Des silences sur soi aux dires des sentiments
Comment faire avec soi-même
Studying silence at different stages of life and the conditions under which people can finally be brough to express their feelings : that is the ambition of this book.

Edited by Jacqueline Bideaud, Claire Meljac, Jean-Paul Fischer

Edited by Véronique Christophe, Claire Ducro, Pascal Antoine

Edited by Christiane Moro, Nathalie Muller Mirza

Edited by Lucy Baugnet, Thierry Guilbert

Edited by Patrick Martin-Mattera
Savoirs mieux Numéro 28

Edited by Yann Coello, Christine Moroni, Séverine Casalis

Henri Lehalle, Bruno Vilette, Jacqueline Bideaud
Sciences cognitives

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