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Edited by Sandrine Conan, Delphine Hanquiez
Architecture et urbanisme
New studies on religious and monastic architecture between the 11th and 13th centuries in northern France and neighboring regions.

Edited by Sophie Descamps-Lequime, Violaine Jeammet
How to make a work in terracotta or bronze in ancient Greece and Egypt and what are the meeting points between the two techniques?

Xavier Labbée
Dictionnaire des peintres des Hauts-de-France
Autour du Salon des artistes lillois (1890-1965)
Histoire de l'art
This dictionary allows the discovery of forgotten painters from the north of France and contributes to the knowledge of the specificities of regional art and the history of Lille and its surroundings.

Pia Rigaldiès
Radical pop
Le design politique à Turin de Mai 68 aux années de plomb
May 1968 at the University of Architecture in Turin. The young Gruppo Strum and Studio 65 designers took an active part in student protests. These events fixed their project practice in a political dimension, engraved in the design/politics/Italianness triad.

Edited by Claudine Houbart, Mathieu Piavaux, Arnaud Timbert
Architecture et urbanisme
Towards a material history of the restoration site (1830-1914)

Edited by Caroline Husquin, Sébastien Martin, Bertrand Cosnet, Cyrielle Landrea, Sylvain Lesage, Mathieu Vivas
Master [Histoire – Archéologie – Histoire de l'art]

Edited by Samuel Gras, Anne-Marie Legaré
Lumières du Nord
Les manuscrits enluminés français et flamands de la Bibliothèque nationale d'Espagne
Histoire de l'art
Lumières du Nord marks the culmination of an international research program on French and Flemish illuminated manuscripts from the National Library of Spain (BNE). The book brings together twelve publications signed by renowned European and Americans experts on manuscript painting who provide an in-depth analysis of unpublished or unknown ..

Mathieu Deldicque
Histoire de l'art
Louis Malet de Graville (circa 1440-1516), Admiral of France from 1487, is a figure forgotten by history. However, this wealthy lord with a long political career is a cornerstone of the court of Louis XI, Charles VIII and Louis XII of France. He was one of the most active secular patron of the arts, during the long end of the Middle Ages when begin

Marianne Cailloux
Peindre, voir et croire dans les Alpes
La peinture murale religieuse en val de Suse (XIVe-XVIe siècles)
Histoire de l'art
Studying wall-paintings is literally going up against the wall to understand past cultures. Alpine religious images document rich cultural phenomena. Thus, by combining visual anthropology, history, and information and communication sciences, ancient images may be analysed as an active media.

Ludovic Balavoine
Jan van Eyck
Als Ich Can
Histoire et civilisations
Who is Jan van Eyck? Even if the painter from the Meuse area has bequeathed major groundbreaking works, which have made him famous since the XVth century, the very incomplete sources only permit to get a glimpse of some aspects of the Flemish master and his personality. Consequently, writing about Jan van Eyck's life represents a challenge that ...

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