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Francis Danvers
S'orienter dans la vie
Tomes 1 à 5
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Métiers et pratiques de formation

Francis Danvers
S'orienter dans la vie : quel accompagnement à l'ère des transitions ?
Pour des sciences pédagogiques de l'orientation – Dictionnaire de sciences humaines – Tome 5, de la 801e à la 900e Considération
Métiers et pratiques de formation
Forty years of practice and research in the guidance of study and career choices for young people and adults, presented in the form of an Encyclopedic Dictionary of Education in five volumes.

Recherches, n° 75/2e semestre 2021
Copier, emprunter, coller

Annie Jézégou
La présence à distance en e-Formation
Enjeux et repères pour la recherche et l'ingénierie
Métiers et pratiques de formation
In e-learning, how is a "distance presence" created between learners and with the trainer? This question is rarely addressed in scientific writings and engineering manuals. However, with the massive use of e-learning, it has never been so topical. This book provides researchers and practitioners with benchmarks to better understand under what ...

Rozenn Le Berre
Losing a loved one is a break in our lives. This loss interacts with a collective, the places where we live or even the social and political structures which normalize our lives. Faced with the apparent loneliness of mourning, the death of the loved one questions our identity as fundamentally rela-tional beings.

Edited by Patricia Tavignot, Jean-François Thémines
Professeurs des écoles en formation initiale au fil des réformes
Un modèle de professionnalisation en question
Éducation et didactiques

Edited by Sandrine Aeby Daghé, Ecaterina Bulea Bronckart, Glaís S. Cordeiro, Joaquim Dolz, Irina Leopoldoff, Anne Monnier, Christophe Ronveaux, Bruno Védrines
Éducation et didactiques
In a dialog with Bernard Schneuwly's work, 15 papers discuss different issues related to the epistemological foundations of French didactics and to the construction of a scientific discipline.

Edited by Georges-Louis Baron, Christian Depover
Les effets du numérique sur l'éducation
Regards sur une saga contemporaine
Éducation et didactiques
Digital tools are now pervasive in education, offering new possibilities and raising new issues. What are their effects on education? The authors propose a synthesis on this question, identifying what has changed and what has been hindered.

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