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Edited by Pascal Depoorter, Nathalie Frigul, Thomas Venet, Sébastien Vignon
Is not the weakening of the working class and the weakening of the trade union and political organizations that claimed to speak on its behalf too soon concluded with the "end of the workers"?

Edited by Patrick Peretti-Watel
Huis-clos avec un virus
Comment les Français ont-ils vécu le premier confinement ?
Le regard sociologique
How did the French lived the first lockdown ? How did the coronavirus take over our lives ? What was the impact on their mental health ? How did they perceive the management of the crisis, from the lockdown itself to the future vaccine ? Did they lose trust in health authorities and scientists?

Yann Forner
Les décisions d'orientation
Notions fondamentales
Savoirs mieux Numéro 41
How do you make decisions for your career? A few key-words help to organize a fundamental reflexion: computer science, vocational maturity, indecision, decision-making styles, achievement motivation, vocational interests and values.

Olivier Lazzarotti
Vivent les vacances !
Tourisme et chansons
Live on to the holidays. Tourism and popular songs.

Edited by Laurence Munoz, Yves Morales, Yohann Fortune
L'implication sociale du mouvement sportif associatif
La FSCF entre permanence et mutations
Sport et Sciences Sociales
In the face of the changes that are currently affecting the field of physical and sports activities, the notions of social responsibility, solidarity and affinity must be rethought through the filter of new issues: integration through sport, governance, sport-health, conquering new audiences…

Edited by Christophe Granger, Laurent Le Gall, Sébastien Vignon
Voter au village
Les formes locales de la vie politique, XXe-XXIe siècles
Taking as its object "the vote in the village", in the 20th and 21st centuries this book focuses on building a sociology and history “at ground level” of local political practices.

Edited by Solène Gaudin, Frédéric Pugniere-Saavedra
La rénovation urbaine
Discours, argumentations et rhétoriques
Philosophie & linguistique
How is the commitment of the public authorities in the choice of recourse and the justification of the demolition in the context of the housing crisis in France based on? What arguments are put forward, what strategies are the actors deploying for what expected results?

Rozenn Le Berre
Losing a loved one is a break in our lives. This loss interacts with a collective, the places where we live or even the social and political structures which normalize our lives. Faced with the apparent loneliness of mourning, the death of the loved one questions our identity as fundamentally rela-tional beings.

Edited by Abdelhafid Hammouche
Le regard sociologique
Participatory housing is apprehended in this book as much by a sociology of the city, as a relation to space and to others, as by taking into account public action and aspirations to limit the processes of individualization peculiar to our contemporary societies. It is the result of a team formed in 2013, the dynamics of which are based on the desi

Edited by Pauline Bosredon, Frédéric Dumont, Alexandre Magno Alves Diniz, Ana Maria Melo
Richesses en partage au Brésil et en France
Approches socio-spatiales croisées dans le Minas Gerais et le Nord-Pas de Calais
Le regard sociologique
Observing its division and distribution enables to bring light on the way wealth is shared and to realize how societies function. It draws special attention to the monopolization by some of resources and privileges, and the socio-spatial inequalities that result from it.

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