Journal : Revue d'Histoire des Sciences Humaines
Series edited by Laurent Mucchielli
Associate editor Olivier Martin

Aims of the Review

Our ambition is to offer a forum for recent scholarship in the history of the humanities with the aim of piecing together an overview of that history. More and more scholars are working in the field of the history of the humanities which is no longer an exercise of pious commemoration, intended to celebrate the achievements of the « founding fathers » or « pioneers » of our current academic disciplines. Nowadays, we have to turn to history to understand current developments in the humanities and to enrich the way we teach them to our students.

The review will be published twice a year and will include groups of articles on a single theme with the intention of presenting the current state of academic research in that field, original, meticulously researched, historical papers, book reviews and also historical documents which have either never been published before or which are very difficult for researchers to find.
In accordance with our aim to be a forum for free, scientific discussion and debate, run by a team with no particular ideological or methodological preconceptions, the review is open to contributions from all scholars and promises to consider all propositions for inclusion.

• ISSN : 1622468X
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Edited by Michaël Biziou, Pierre-Henri Castel, Jean-Michel Chapoulie, Jérôme David, Andreas Mayer, Yvon Le Scanff, Florence Vatan

Edited by Fredéric Audren, Jean-Louis Halpérin, Nicolas Marmin, Marc Milet, Georges Navet, Guillaume Sacriste

Massimo Borlandi, Laurent Mucchielli, Claude Blanckaert, Emmanuelle Sibeud

Edited by Paul Mengal, Fernando Vidal, Serge Nicolas, Anne Marchal, Frédéric Isel, Théodule Ribot

Edited by Christian Topalov, Jean-Christophe Marcel, Olivier Martin, Laurent Mucchielli, Philippe Steiner, Marie Jaisson

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