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Claire Sécail
Les meetings électoraux
Scènes et coulisses de la campagne présidentielle de 2017
Espaces politiques
Political rallies are a major tool of the election campaigning and as such are strategically used to build a candidate's presidentiality. As a device, they also function as a place for interaction and socialization between the various kind of actors brought together (candidate, political staff, activists, audiences, journalists, technicians, etc.).

Edited by Emmanuelle Fantin, Sébastien Fevry, Katharina Niemeyer
Nostalgies contemporaines
Médias, cultures et technologies
Information - Communication
Nostalgia became a major resource for contemporary media culture. Retro-tinted TV shows, the passion for vintage and patina furniture, retro-gaming waves or (institutional) commemorations of an often idealized past are an important part of our everyday life.

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