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Xavier Labbée
Dictionnaire des peintres des Hauts-de-France
Autour du Salon des artistes lillois (1890-1965)
Histoire de l'art
This dictionary allows the discovery of forgotten painters from the north of France and contributes to the knowledge of the specificities of regional art and the history of Lille and its surroundings.

Serge Dormard
Lille au XVIIIe siècle
Une histoire financière
Histoire et civilisations
The use of concepts and methods from modern economic analysis makes it possible to enrich historical research by providing, in the case of eighteenth-century Lille, precise answers to such essential questions as the impact of the budgetary and fiscal policies adopted by municipal officials.

Edited by Bernard Alluin, Christian Leroy
nord', n°75/juin 2020
Lille et ses écrivains

Edited by Jérôme Dupuis, Maryvonne Prévot
Espaces politiques
Faced with tensions between the State and the local government representatives on the one hand, and in the light of the forcoming municipal elections on the other, this book about the former Lille Mayor and Prime Minister Pierre Maury is more than ever in the news.

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