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Philippe Rousseau
Cahiers de philologie Numéro 37
Philippe Rousseau proposes an interpretation of the Iliad which is based on an analysis of the logic that is immanent to the construction of the plot, and which responds to the demand for the deciphering of meaning expressed by the poet in the fifth line of the poem.

Edited by Florence Klein, Ruth Webb
Faire Voir
Études sur l'enargeia de l'Antiquité à l'époque moderne
Greek and Roman readers and audiences/Audiences in Greece and Rome expected words to appeal to the visual imagination, to move, entertain and persuade through the quality of enargeia or evidentia. This collection examines the workings of this phenomenon in different genres from Homeric epic to the Second Sophistic and, beyond Antiquity, in the ...

Vivien Longhi
Krisis ou la décision génératrice
Épopée, médecine hippocratique, Platon
Cahiers de philologie Numéro 36
The krisis of the ancient Greeks is not our modern concept of crisis, which has changed profoundly over time. What does it mean then? We need to go back to the sources of the notion, namely to the first Greek texts that give it a major place.

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