Collection : War Studies

The "War Studies" collection offers works of critical reflection on the military fact in the world, today and yesterday. All academic disciplines are welcome and multidisciplinary approaches are favored. The collection considers the military phenomenon in its entirety, publishing studies on conflicts, strategy, and geopolitical issues, as well as works on military organizations and the role and place of armies in societies in times of peace as well as in times of war, at any time and everywhere in the world.

The "War Studies" collection thus aims to decompartmentalize and multiply the viewpoints on men and women, ideas and myths, material, legal or economic conditions, which together make up the military universe.

• ISSN : 26778602
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Edited by Catherine Denys, Benjamin Deruelle, Gilles Malandain
Après la bataille
Mémoires et usages des champs de bataille, du XVIe siècle à nos jours
Numéro 15
At the crossroads of cultural history and military history, this book offers several case studies as well as general reflections on the memory of battles as it is inscribed, in particular, in the places where they happened.

Edited by Emmanuelle Cronier, Benjamin Deruelle
Argumenter en guerre
Discours de guerre, sur la guerre et dans la guerre de l'Antiquité à nos jours
Numéro 3
The art of argumentation does not yield its rights in war situations. On the contrary, the preparation of conflicts, the conduct of operations and the reconstruction of peace are intense moments of persuasion, negotiation and confrontation in which public speaking occupies its full place.

Edited by Claire Miot, Thomas Vaisset, Paul Vo-Ha
Cessez-le-feu, cesser les combats ?
De l'époque moderne à nos jours
Numéro 12
This book analyses the question of surrender from a long-term and anthropological perspective. The way how fighting end reveals that even extreme violent conflicts are always a matter of negotiations between belligerents.

Edited by Christelle Calmels, Léonard Colomba-Petteng, Emmanuel Dreyfus, Adrien Estève
Enquêter en terrain sensible
Risques et défis méthodologiques dans les études internationales
Numéro 18
This book is the first comprehensive methodological and empirical synthesis in the field of strategic studies in France.

Alice-Catherine Carls, Stephen D. Carls
Numéro 5
The cultural, territorial, social, and economic transformations of Europe between 1914 and 1945 were the product of two world wars within the context of modernization and world power ambitions. Europe From War to War –1914 - 1945 provides a comprehensive coverage of leaders' decisions as well as societal trends on a territory stretching from the...

Marjolaine Boutet
Faire écran
Les réécritures de la Seconde Guerre mondiale dans les séries télévisées au temps de la guerre froide
Numéro 16
A transnational history of Western television series during the Cold War, with a focus on how World War II was rewritten to suit the political and economic interests of the time.

Edited by Nicolas Handfield, Julie Le Gac, Chloé Poitras-Raymond
Femmes en guerre
De l'époque médiévale à nos jours
Numéro 13
Combining War history and gender studies, Femmes en Guerre explores the multiple forms of the presence of women within armies, their experiences of war and the construction of « femininities » in war contexts.

Edited by Olivia Carpi
Guerres et paix civiles de l'Antiquité à nos jours
Les sociétés face à elles-mêmes
Numéro 1
Although civil wars remain consubstantial with any form of society, structurally and circumstantially threatened with splitting, or even bursting and, therefore, tipping into a multiform and often paroxysmal violence, this type of conflict has long struggled to find its place in the scientific field.

Edited by Emmanuel Cardona Gil, Sébastien Jakubowski
Numéro 4
The world changes. Armies evolve and must adapt to this new environment. The researchers and professionals gathered in this book analyze the contemporary armies in their relationship to the social and political environment and in their internal evolutions

Edited by Patrick Farges, Elissa Mailänder
Marcher au pas et trébucher
Masculinités allemandes à l'épreuve du nazisme et de la guerre
Numéro 10

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