Collection : Perspectives

Series created in 2000 and supervised by Dominique Viart.

The Perspectives series offers new contributions to critical works concerned with 20th century literature. It gathers reference studies on contemporary literature whose academic values are highlighted and reinforced. Taking into account all literature genres and their relationships with other artistic forms and cultural disciplines, this series brings together the most innovative works of French and foreign researchers.

• ISSN : 2780-9889 (online)

• ISSN : 16213211
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Edited by Sylvie Patron
La théorie du narrateur optionnel
Principes, perspectives, propositions

Anne-Sophie Donnarieix
Puissances de l'ombre
Le surnaturel du roman contemporain
The French contemporary narrative reveals a disturbing fascination for the irrational. Rather deserting the too bright shores of reason, it summons magical and often anachronistic figures (spectres, shamans, witches) to probe the meanders of a collective psyche whose fears and phantasms resist the paths of rationalism.

Edited by Nelly Wolf, Matthieu Rémy
This collective work aims to show that, contrary to popular belief, May 68 exerted a rapid, profound and lasting influence on literature.

Chiara Rolla
Michel Chaillou's prose reveals a renewed and subversive relationship with literature and with past and present knowledges. In most of his works he has surveyed texts, authors, characters, spaces and geographies of past eras.

Yona Hanhart-Marmor
Pierre Michon
Une écriture oblique
By the themes he chooses, his specific style, Pierre Michon teaches us that one has to target the periphery in order to reach the inner truth. This essay presents an exhaustive but indirectly formulated theory of obliquity based on Michon's own words.

Edited by Sylvie Patron
Introduction à la narratologie postclassique
Les nouvelles directions de la recherche sur le récit
The Introduction to postclassical narratology directed by Sylvie Patron aims at presenting to the French audience, beyond the close circle of specialists, the main directions of research on narrative, since the advent of what is usually called, in particular in the Anglo-Saxon research world, "postclassical narratology".

Dominique Soulès
Antoine Volodine relates with both a narrative power and a singular relationship to history which are no longer a mystery. However, his language - which has never been extensively studied - is little known.

Annabelle Marie, Jean-Louis Cornille
Pas d'animaux
De la bête en littérature-monde
Western stories being gradually drained of animal presence, one can wonder whether this presence has nowadays been confined to African and Creole tales only ? The animal tales of Patrick Chamoiseau, Patrice Nganang and Ananda Devi, however, seem to favor the presence of less exotic animals, such as the dog, as a figure of the subaltern.

Jutta Fortin
The spectre of the "dead mother", one that is physically present but emotionally absent, haunts Camille Laurens's literary work.

Philippe Bonnefis
Logique de l'objet
Flaubert, Baudelaire, Malraux, Cendrars, Ponge, Simon, Quignard, Adami

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