Collection : Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
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Edited by Francis Meilliez
Pouvoirs de l'eau et eau des pouvoirs
L'illusion humaine de la maîtrise de l'eau
Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
Water flows everywhere ; it is essential for life. However, potable water, esential for mankind is not naturally located where men get together. As water only flows and renews itself continuously, men think to be able to control waterways. But which one does control the other ?

Edited by Moïse Déro
Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
Human memories – those of our societies, collective or individual memories – are changing in a world in great acceleration and production of new knowledge. Can these plural memories preserve everything, be at the same time witnesses, memories, resources and reflections of our time in a world itself in transformation?

Edited by Patrick Picouet
Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
Evocative image, coveted object, power issue, the map draws the world. Apart from the geographers-mapmakers, many searchers stimulated by its representation use it to answer some questions of today's society.

Edited by Philippe Cardon
Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
Daily action by excellence, eating is a highly cultural, symbolic and social act because it presupposes, even before that food is consumed, incorporated, a real work of food culturation, - i.e a material, social and cultural work.

Edited by Jean-Paul Delahaye
Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
Secrets are inevitable and dangerous. Thus, the rules governing the secret must be carefully formulated. Everyone is concerned.

Edited by Alain Cambier
Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
The frontiers between the body, the mind, the machine are vague. Whether the body is biological or socially constructed is not clear. The body is the object of philosophical, scientific and religious thinkings since the antiquity, but a central question remains: What are the limits of the body?

Edited by Bertrand Bocquet
La fièvre de l'évaluation
Quels symptômes ? Quels traitements ?
Les nouveaux rendez-vous d'Archimède
The evaluation pervades all fields of life. "The Fever of Evaluation" discusses the practices of evaluation in very different areas of activity and addresses also the evaluation of wealth in its economic and social dimensions.

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