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Louis MacNeice
Les Cordes sonnent faux
Autobiographie inachevée
Throughout his career, MacNeice's own life was central to his writing. With The Strings Are False, written at the age of 33, nel mezo del cammin of his life, one year after the publication of his memorable Autumn Journal, his autobiographical penchant is clearly asserted.

Pierre Longuenesse
Yeats et la scène
L'acteur et sa voix à l'Abbey Theatre de Dublin
This book deals with an aspect of Yeats' work never systematically addressed: experiments conducted by the poet throughout his career to create a scenic practice that articulates words and music, a practice that serves as closely as possible an idea of "theatrical utopia"...

Edited by Terry Eagleton, Fredric Jameson, Edward W. Said
Nationalisme, colonialisme et littérature
Livre de la compagnie Field Day
According to Seamus Deane, Field Day addresses the issue of Irish identity in the context of the situation as a colonial crisis. He shows that religious sectarianism in Northern Ireland is linked to the interaction between the contrasting British and Irish stereotypes…

Edited by Catherine Maignant
The Franco-Irish friendship has existed for many centuries and continues to flourish today. This book draws attention to the rich tapestry of interconnections between France and Ireland from the XVIth to the XXIst centuries, unveiling often colourful figures…

Françoise Henry
Edited by Barbara Wright
Les îles d'Inishkea
Carnets personnels
Françoise Henry's diaries record her experiences as a young French art historian and archaeologist on Inishkea (Co. Mayo) and relate her impressions of the landscape and society in the tradition of travel literature…

Jacqueline Genet
For Yeats, the concept of music in its relation to words originated in his interest in diction that stresses rhythm and thus gets close to chanting. He also associated music and writing, inviting the poets to write…

Pearse Hutchinson
Edited by Bernard Escarbelt, Pádraig Ó Gormaile
The selection of poems in this book is only made of Irish poems in a trilingual version, which allows the reader to witness the process of translating the poems and enter the linguistic multiplicity and the thematic unity of the text at the same time…

Jacqueline Genet
This book on W.B. Yeats' poetry aims to make the approach to his often difficult poems easier and shows their beauty. After a chronology and an overview of the historic context, the first part « At the origin of the work » studies the numerous influences: celtic, oriental…

Edited by Claude Fierobe
Mythe et métamorphoses
The comparative study of two figures — Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), who reigned in Wallachia from 1456 to 1462, and Dracula, hero of the eponymous 1897 novel — allows to define the nature of the relation between myth and history. It also allows to explain the genesis of a literary myth…

Thomas Kilroy
Despite his success in France and several other European countries, Kilroy, contemporary Irish playwright, is not well-known in France where his works have not been translated yet. His plays are resolutely modern by the form and the themes…

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