Collection : Histoire et civilisations

Series supervised by Carole Christen.

This series is concerned with individual and collective historical studies of the medieval, modern and contemporaries eras. With already 140 titles in its catalogue, it puts forwards the various historical methods but never favors one over the other. Studies pertaining to urban or rural history, demographic, economic, social, political, cultural or religious history, biographies and historical essays are amongst the ever-growing and wide-ranging panel of works in this series.

• ISSN : 2780-7827 (online)

• ISSN : 12845655
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Edited by Nacima Baron, Stéphane Boissellier, François Clément, Flocel Sabaté
Histoire et civilisations
The limits and borders are not an erudite or formal story. Humans are always affected and delimited by the local jurisdictional boundaries (popular communities, lordships and parishes) and the air of influence linked to urban communities

Edited by Dominique Herbet, Hélène Miard-Delacroix, Hans Stark
Histoire et civilisations
Germany is often and alternately accused of practicing a hegemonic policy towards its neighbors or too great restraint in foreign policy. This book proposes a nuanced picture of different aspects of German influence and restraint in the last decades.

Edited by Hubert Bonin, Bouneau Christophe
Paris-Bordeaux en train
Les trois étapes de la modernité ferroviaire 1844-2016
Histoire et civilisations
Each big railway network exemplified modernity, for the building works, the equipments, technologies and financing, as an adventure of progress! The connection between Paris and Bordeaux is thus valued thanks to this history from the 1840s till the present arguments about the profitability of the new high speed line (LGV), to be opened in 2017.

Stéphane Lembré
La guerre des bouches
Ravitaillement et alimentation à Lille 1914-1919
Histoire et civilisations
How do the civilians face the supplies' disruption during the military occupation of Lille by the German army? To answer this question, the survey has to concern social relationships and redistribution of the powers, from 1914 until 1919, in a context of dramatic hardships and daily fears after the beginning of the war.

Edited by Emmanuel Droit, Hélène Miard-Delacroix, Frank Reichherzer
Histoire et civilisations
Associating theoretical reflexions and field research on contemporary history, young French and German scholars challenge the issues of sources, temporalities and the relation to the other social sciences.

Edited by Didier Bensadon, Nicolas Praquin, Béatrice Touchelay
Histoire et civilisations
Over eighty contributors human and social scientists (law, economics, management, history, political science, sociology) have worked together to highlight the main accounting concepts and terms coming from the past.

Edited by Stéphane Benoist, Anne Daguet-Gagey, Christine Hoët-van Cauwenberghe
Une mémoire en actes
Espaces, figures et discours dans le monde romain
Histoire et civilisations
These are the proceedings of an international colloquium, organized in Lille by the research program 'Monumenta', whose subject is "the written and figured traces of the memory within the Roman world", about the staging in the Roman imperial space of the memory, from the Middle Republic to the Late Antiquity.

Edited by Hélène Camarade, Sibylle Goepper
Histoire et civilisations

Claudia Hiepel
Willy Brandt et Georges Pompidou
La politique européenne de la France et de l'Allemagne entre crise et renouveau
Histoire et civilisations

Stefano Simiz
Histoire et civilisations

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