Collection : Histoire et civilisations

Series supervised by Carole Christen.

This series is concerned with individual and collective historical studies of the medieval, modern and contemporaries eras. With already 140 titles in its catalogue, it puts forwards the various historical methods but never favors one over the other. Studies pertaining to urban or rural history, demographic, economic, social, political, cultural or religious history, biographies and historical essays are amongst the ever-growing and wide-ranging panel of works in this series.

• ISSN : 2780-7827 (online)

• ISSN : 12845655
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Étienne Sauthier
Proust sous les tropiques
Diffusion, réceptions, appropriations et traduction de Marcel Proust au Brésil (1913-1960)
Histoire et civilisations
"Every reader, as he reads, is actually the reader of himself." What if this statement made by Marcel Proust could also apply to the collective reader which the cultural reception field is, within the context of cultural transfer?

Edited by Maria Fusaro, Colin Heywood, Mohamed-Salah Omri
Histoire et civilisations
Introducing the reader to the latest research into subjects until now studied in other Mediterranean historiographical traditions so as to reassess some aspects of the socio-economic and cultural history of the early modern Mediterranean with reference to Fernand Braudel's legacy.

Edited by Noriko Berlinguez-Kôno
La genèse des études japonaises en Europe
Autour du fonds Léon de Rosny de Lille
Histoire et civilisations
To what extent can we explain the genesis of Japanese studies as well as the nineteenth century intellectual landscape through Léon de Rosny (1837-1914) or even through his own collection kept in Lille? What epistemological filiations with Orientalism and the idea of progress? How do the documents kept by Rosny tell us about the circulation of know

Philippe Castejón
Réformer l'empire espagnol au XVIIIe siècle
Le système de gouvernement de José de Gálvez (1765-1787)
Histoire et civilisations
This book examines the political reforms under the rule of Charles III. He undertook several profound changes in the Indies' government, including the creation of new administrative territories: a viceroyalty, two capitanías generales, three Audiencias, and numerous intendencias in almost all the Indies.

Edited by Jean-Paul Barrière, Hervé Leuwers
La construction des professions juridiques et médicales
Europe occidentale, XVIIIe-XXe siècle
Histoire et civilisations
The structuring of legal and medical activities in Europe since the 18th century has so far been insufficiently studied jointly, from the point of view of their professionalization and territorial registration.

Edited by Christine Hoët-van Cauwenberghe, Armelle Masse, Gilles Prilaux
Sel et société
Tome 2 : santé, croyances et économie
Histoire et civilisations
The study of salt, through the centuries and from ancient times, is done through a multidisciplinary approach, where the man is facing salt for his health, for his beliefs related to it, and for the wealth he seems to get for him.

Edited by Véronique Castagnet, Jean-François Condette
Histoire des élèves en France
Volume 1. Parcours scolaires, genre et inégalités (XVIIe-XXe siècles)
Histoire et civilisations
The aim here is to place the student at the centre of analysis, whether under the authority of a preceptor or integrated into a school, and to study him or her over the long period of the 17th-20th centuries.

Edited by Jérôme Krop, Stéphane Lembré
Histoire des élèves en France
Volume 2. Ordres, désordres et engagements (XVIe-XXe siècles)
Histoire et civilisations
While the history of education often deals with pupils, it too rarely makes them full participants in the education system. However, pupils' participation refers to the challenge of living in a democracy.

Franck Vindevogel
L'Amérique des prisons
Origines et bilan d'une incarcération de masse
Histoire et civilisations
The United States accounts for 5% of the world population but imprisons 25% of all inmates in the world. For a nation that has always ranked freedom on top of its values, having the highest incarceration rate on the planet is a paradox that raises numerous questions.

Julien Fuchs
Le temps des jolies colonies de vacances
Au cœur de la construction d'un service public, 1944-1960
Histoire et civilisations
Between 1944 and 1960, french holiday camps became a major social phenomenon, involving hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents. Wishing to accompany the expansion of these structures born of private initiatives, the French State builds a specific policy and dedicates an administration to them.

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